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Out of place zombies..

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Well not really out of place but just a guess, Theses zombies in this link are perhaps some of the survivors you meet in episode one of season two and you interact with and build a relationship.. and they dont look that decayed or rotten... Or we could say the stranger killed them(Just a theory) :< They are like really.. noticiable among the crowd of walkers. The attention to detail is great and really make an impact on this scene they have much cinematic deaths.. i mean personally i think that the timeline will be around the same of Season One. The people you see at the end of S1, perhaps even knew clementines parents and one of them are gonna be the main character for that season. It's just a guess... Your thoughts? <--This is the link i cut them out, sorry for the messy job i do apologise, And sorry if this has been discussed already please forgive me, I am new to theses forums <3

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