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Am I the only person on Earth who chose to save Doug?!

Carly is a woman, and kind of a hottie. You can tell she's sweet on Lee. And all I see is, "Carly had the gun, so I saved Carly!"

..... WHAT?!

Are you people listening to that statement? She had the gun... WHY DOES SHE NEED SAVED!? Doug had no weapons, defenseless. Carly had the freaking gun IN HER HAND. If this b**** is too stupid to even use the gun (I'm not even going to get into the battery debacle), what is she good for? She started off as a good shot, and then suddenly forgot how to use her gun.

So I'm a male player, and I chose to save Doug. Because he was defenseless and I thought homegirl could hold her own. I was wrong, and I don't even miss her.

That's my rant of the day.

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  • 1 of the reasons i liked Carley cuz she had a rather.. soothing, calm voice. this is especially noticable in episode 3.

  • I saved Carley because, ya know, Doug had maybe like two minutes of screen time in episode one. We didn't even see him in nearly the entirety of the first scene and when they finally showed him near the end of the scene, after Carley had already saved me twice and backed me up, I was legit like "who the heck is that guy?"

    After saving Carley in my first playthrough and Doug in my second I can honestly say I liked Carley more. I still liked Doug though, he's a way better character then 90% of the others.

  • Jesus Christ! It's become a 'hipster' thing to save Doug. Most people who save Doug ask 'am I the only one who saved Doug' and think that their superior for saving Doug. I saved Carley on my first play-through because I liked her better; please tell me how wrong I am. The game made Carley seem much more useful IMO and it was just my honest reaction to save her. God, I don't understand why people can't save whoever they want and be done with it.

  • Who would be more useful in a zombie apocalypse?

    Someone who has a gun and knows how to use it.


    An unarmed techie who specializes in fixing computers and electronics, in an era where neither are likely to be functional for very wrong.

    I'd go with the first option every time. The techie would be as useless as t_ts on a bull. Great, a guy who can fix computers. Too bad the power grid is down.

  • Everyone has a gun only Doug has a laser pointer

  • The only reason I can think of for saving Doug is to see how the story would play out with him in it. Realistically Lee/the player in his situation should see Carly as the first port of call. Not because she has a gun or because she could be a potential love interest but for the simple reason as the fact that "SHE SAVED YOUR LIFE!" If someone saved my life and the life of the child in my care I would feel in debt to them.

    Regardless of her intellect and confusion with the batteries she showed loyalty to Lee and Lee's companions, putting her neck on the line for strangers. The fact is Doug wouldn't of given a shit over Lilly kicking out Duck or Lee for that matter. He has a "i'm alright Jack" mentality. He will avoid conflict. By not saying anything when Lilly was arguing about Lee's group being a risk and needing to go he was supporting her decision by not disagreeing. He didn't have an opinion either way. His vote would have made all the difference since their group consisted of 5. Glen and Carly were left to side against Lilly and Larry over the plans for the new arrivals.

    Tic for tac is the way of the world. If you do something for me I do something for you. How much more should the debt or desire to return a favour be towards someone who put their neck on the line for you first, before they even knew you? Not only was Lee and the his 4 companions alive because of Carly, but the larger group had a home at the end of the episode because of her input at the motor inn when Glen needed rescuing.

    To take all of the above into consideration and still consider Doug the better choice you would have to be the most ungrateful bastard to walk the earth and the Governor himself would probably wince at your ruthlessness, (bearing in mind although the character Lee may not of known one of the two would die, we did.)

  • There seems to be a double standard here. Most people seem to side with Kenny over Lilly because he is their "bro" and they have more loyalty to him throughout the episodes because he had been there for Lee more. How much more should Carly be chosen over Doug when she saved Lee’s life on numerous occasions and agreed to keep Lee's secret from the group because she trusted her instincts about him being a nice guy? That's how I see it but to each his own, I guess.

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