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Episode 2 Chapter 7 Glitch

posted by Midnight Tide on - last edited - Viewed by 146 users

I am on episode 2 chapter 7 and whenever Lee begins to walk up to Brenda, the dialogue option doesn't come up and no matter what i do Lee just keeps walking and it causes Brenda to shoot him. I have tried deleting and redownloading the episode, I've tried deleting my profile and all the content then redownload it and play through the story again. Nothing works. Please help.

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    MattP Bloggers

    When you move forward towards Brenda, make sure you hold the analog stick forward and immediately release when she points the gun at you. If you pull backwards on the stick, it could trigger her shooting you. If you are experiencing any performance problems in this scene (low framerate or lag), there might be a delayed reaction, so you could also try inching up to her slowly. If neither of those work, you could try using the rewind function to rewind to your last checkpoint. To do this, enter the main menu, then select your save game and once on the episode 2 menu, select 'Rewind' and select the most recent checkpoint.

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