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Carley was a bitch

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Now that I think about it.

I mean, she provoked the fuck out of Lilly. Yes, she was defending Ben and Lilly was going crazy, but if she had just shut the fuck up, Lee probably could've defused the situation (if you're defending Ben). Lee's been able to keep the peace (for the most part) between Kenny and Lilly, so at that critical moment, it was probably best for her to stay out of it. She knew Lilly lost her dad, she knew Lilly was the one holding the group together and therefore took all the pressures. If it wasn't for Lilly sniping, everyone would've been executed at the motel by the bandits.


Fuck Carley, God I miss Lilly.

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  • I don't think Carley is a bitch. What she said to Lilly was bitchy.

    I love both Lilly and Carley. I wonder how things would of been if Carley didn't die, and Lilly stayed with the group up until episode 5. o.o.

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    I liked Carley, but Lily got a nice headshot off her.

  • wtf? Carley calmly asked several times for lily to lay off of him but every time lily said something like shut up or accused her of doing it instead of Ben or said both did it. im 1 of the ppl who mostly sided with Kenny and it was worth it seeing as lily is a dumb fuck no matter what.

  • @slayer300876 said: wtf? Carley calmly asked several times for lily to lay off of him but every time lily said something like shut up or accused her of doing it instead of Ben or said both did it. im 1 of the ppl who mostly sided with Kenny and it was worth it seeing as lily is a dumb fuck no matter what.

    She would've killed someone no matter what.

  • @TheNNerdGamer said: one of the smartest things I've seen in the forums

    no they were to stand up for Ben. the fact is lily was dumb. i mean cmon, name 1 person in the group other than Kenny at the time who hasnt lost family? or close family such as parents, kids, brothers or sisters. Carley hasnt seen family from the begining. Clementine for all she knew her parents were dead. Lee's parents and brother was dead. i understand lily's was much worse cuz of how it happened, but killing some 1 would not prevent it. if u chose right words in episode 1 words that Carley and lily use on each other hint that they didnt get along that well be4 Lee and every body else showed up. Carley just didnt want other ppl getting accused like that and asked calmly multiple times for lily to back off, but all lily did the whole time was start to accuse her or tell her to shut up. so lily lost it from the start, it took Carley alittle while to get pist off but lily was way angrier the whole time so if any body was dumb in this situation it was the bitch lily

  • @YamiRaziel said: This thread is so funny.

    Now let's start.
    1. Why would Carley think Ben is innocent? Lee says there is a traitor -> Carley believes Lee -> it obviously isn't Lilly since she told Lee -> It has to be Kenny, Katjaa or Ben. Kenny and Katjaa is a highly unlikely choice since they have a kid and they would know better than to deal with bandits. Plus Kenny is hotheaded and it wouldn't fit his personality. Katjaa is also too passive for such a thing.
    Now again, why Carley would think that Ben (the newest guy, who isn't exactly bright) is innocent? Oh I forgot, she isn't very smart and logic is definitely not her strongest side *cough* batteries *cough*.
    2. Lee says there is a traitor in the group who "puts his insidious shit above everybody else" and she decides it is the perfect time to speak back? For 3 episodes she's been avoiding any kind of tough decisions and discussions but 1 week after Larry's murder she decides to talk back. I mean, c'mon.
    3. I got to admit I thought it was Carley. I assumed her stupidity is just a clever act to deceive us. Point taken. Never underestimate stupidity.

    Now, people like to attack Lilly for all sorts of things. That's funny, really, given the fact that she snaps right after your favourite Kenny kills her father.
    But of course it is okay for him to drink and grieve in ep.4, I mean he lost his family...we should be sympathetic.
    Ben would've probably confessed hadn't Kenny turn the group into a Crawford one in ep.2. Yeah, Ben was afraid of Lilly, that's because he didn't know what Kenny did. Nobody did.

    Lilly was sitting in her room? How dare she.... It's not like in ep. 2 Kenny didn't sit on the couch while Lilly was on guard, Lee was distributing food and Mark (who just came back from hunting) was fixing the fence with Larry. Of course not, I guess that's so different.
    It is not also that Lilly saves the group and is the only one to react to the bandit attack. Nah, I'm so happy that Kenny (who was again sitting on his couch) was the one to save your asses.

    To conclude I will quote Lilly from ep. 2 "Gambling with your family's lives is pretty dumb if you ask me."
    You wanted to leave the motor inn? That horrible Lilly didn't let you?
    Oh, yes, Savannah was so AWESOME. It's not like almost everybody died or anything...
    I guess THE BOAT was worth the risk.

    Even back in ep. 2 I was convinced that boat plan is the worst plan I've ever heard. I'm really surprised anyone in their right mind expected that boats would be waiting for them...

    woah, slow down dumb ass clown. Carley nvr was stupid, and she was the last person i suspected to steal the batteries. and Carley said this, calm down we'll eat and deal with it. so Carley wanted to do it, just not seconds after they were just attacked and barely made it out alive. so thinking obviously isnt something ur good at then. and Kenny if anybody saved them from the bandit attack. who the fuck is the 1 who got the Rv working, ill admit lily and Lee were the main ones who saved at 1st, but with out the RV which KENNY fixed, every body would have been fucked. so stop trying to make her seem like lily is a godess and Kenny like some lazy guy who nvr does anything. and Ben actually had helped save them from the attack by giving them supplies, if they attacked earlier, the Rv wouldnt be working and everybody or most would die trying to escape. he should of told somebody about him doing it though.

  • So you prefer a Murderous Backstabber(Lilly) over the hot girl that has your back(Carley).
    Yeah, I guess you and some of the minority would think that way would you.

  • I'm suprised anyone prefers Lilly to Carley.

    Carley has Lee's back from start to finish, and has saved his life multiple times.

    Meanwhile Lilly was against bringing Lee, Clem, and Kenny's family into the Pharmacy in episode 1, even though if Glenn and Carley had not done so it would have been certain death for Lee's group. Assuming you saved Carley, later in a fit of rage Lilly murders your most capable and loyal member of the group, even though she had nothing to do with the bandits. By robbing the group of one of its most capable members, she placed all of them in greater danger.

    So some people actually prefer a character that wanted to leave Clem to be devoured by zombies in episode 1, and later murders in cold blood the most combat capable and loyal member of the group without justification. Totally makes sense.:rolleyes:

    Lilly is worse than a walker.

  • @TheRickGrimes said:
    I liked Carley, but Lily got a nice headshot off her.

    lol it was merely a cheekshot bro

  • It's Carley's fault Lilly shot her in the face? Well then.

    She was dressed provocatively, that slut was asking for it!

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