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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(

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  • I cried in episode 3 and a bit in 4 (the attic scene) in ep 5 i cried when it finally hit me that lee was going to hit the bucket *sniff* its amazing how this and heavy rain hooks you

  • I haven't cried like that in close to twenty years, I'm normally satisfied with endings as close to pure black as they can go but that was actually more than I can handle. I sort of knew that Lee wasn't going to make it, if cutting off his arm could save him it wouldn't be optional. With having to guide Clem through it though? I'm actually gasping for air as a result, I can't even parse something so awful.

    When did you guys get so good at writing, and be careful with it, it's like a god damn superpower.

  • @Danno123 said: ONE of the best? More like THE best!
    Sorry, my love of the walking dead side interrupted there. :3

    I know where you're coming from and sorry for the double post but for me it was the worst moment in gaming.

    Just, just.. ****!

  • Yep I was sobbing my eyes out. The thought of Clem being alone out there and seeing Lee die after all we had been through was just too much. I still tear up whenever I see the ending. And I've never cried over any form of entertainment before (haven't really even come close), amazing stuff telltale!

  • I kept crying and saying over and over "It's not okay Kenny. It's not f***** okay." The ending itself didn't make me cry. That was the really the only bitter moment that made cry

  • clementine did.

    yeah, yeah, sorray.

    i didnt cry, had a few teardrops in my eyes, but i didnt cry.

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