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Any Recommendations While Waiting For Season 2

posted by Bagakoo on - last edited - Viewed by 214 users

First of all, the final episode was just so... gawd. IT'S SO DAM GOOD! I was crying inside. I re-winded the last part like 5 times, it still gets me... I'm kinda disappointed that I haven't played this game until recently at a friend's place.

Anywho, I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for any game, comic, or w.e. that has an awesome story and an ending similar to episode 5 (more of the emotional context). Season 2 seems so far away...

I'm currently reading the Walking Dead comics but so far, I'm not feeling the same emotional connection as with the game, perhaps I'm to early to judge since I'm relatively in the beginning. I have not watched the TV series because from what I read online, it's crap compared to the comics and the game and I feel like it might ruin the franchise for me, idk.

But again, if anybody has any good recommendations, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I might end up playing the last part again a couple of times.

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