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What platform should I get this on?

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I've been falling out of love with TTG since The Devil's Playhouse. I didn't like what I saw/played of BTTF and JP, plus zombies and comic books aren't my thing, so I was planning on passing on TWD.

After a near-constant stream of hearing nice things (tm) about it, I've finally cracked. I am going to play The Walking Dead.

Problem is, since my last Telltale purchase, I've bought a PS3 and an iPad 2. So the question arises: should I get TWD for good old PC, iOS or Playstation? Are there any big differences in gameplay, performance or price?

(For example, Wallace and Gromit, Monkey Island and Devil's Playhouse were clearly made with a gamepad in mind and might even play better on a console than with a mouse/keyboard.)

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