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This game is the biggest piece of crap

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OK, so i posted earlier. I've waited 10 days after buying this box set for Telltale to get their shit together and get these patches uploaded and this game fixed. I have been putting up with all of the skipping, freezing and lagging in the cinematic sequences. Now I am currently stuck on Episode 3 where I had to restart the episode because I could no longer move Lee. Instead of restarting the episode from the beginning they gave me my last saved spot (which I understand). This spot however they restarted me on is where you kill the zombie in the drivers seat of the car. The controls though do not allow you to do anything other than die because there's no action your character can perform.

I just wanted to give a synopsis of where I was at in the game before blasting this game.

I do not know how Telltale has released this game with all of these faulty glitches/ freezes. I understand that they wanted to get this game out in time for the holiday season for purchase, but this disc is entirely unplayable. I am so dissatisfied with this purchase and will be returning it tomorrow morning to gamestop. If gamestop does not honor this return. I will eat the $59 purchase I made for this box set, and the shipping costs, because I will be mailing it to the Telltale Headquarters in San Rafael, CA (in pieces) and will never purchase one game manufactured or designed by this company. It makes absolutely no sense for this company to release this game in time for the holidays if (I'm going to guess 95% of the games are flawed and will be returned anyway)

I know full well that my post here probably will go unrecognized by the "Telltale Staff". If one person though was on the fence and read this, and my comment made them not purchase this product or another Telltale product I'd be satisfied.

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  • You paid $60 for this game ? Wow shame on you :D

  • I popped for the special edition box set. Waste of $59 + tax.

  • I will never buy a telltale game again if they can not fix this issue. I got the game today from my wife for Christmas. I can not get past the motel scene in episode 2. It glitches so badly I never have a chance to aim for one of the Zombies with the screw driver.

    Do they not test these games in systems before they are released? I have Xbox Model 1439 with 4 GB.

  • I bought this game for my wife for Christmas. It is unplayable/impossible to advance in the first few minutes. The game freezes so bad after being attacked that you don't have enough time to react. Half the time you don't even know what is going on with the freezes lasting several seconds. Is Telltale going to offer refunds or address this issue? If not, I'm reporting to the Better Business Bureau.

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