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The Newly Regenerated Doctor Who Thread

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So, Christmas is approaching, and with it a brand new Doctor who episode, and seeing as it's no longer series 5, I thought it would be time for a new, more generalised Doctor who thread!

For those who are new to the series, It features a humanoid Alien (timelord) called the Doctor, who travels in time and space in the TARDIS. He's the last of his race, and when he dies, he regenerates into a new person (up to 13 times). So far he has done so 11 times, with the current, 11th doctor being Matt Smith.

To kick things off, here's a trailer for the new Doctor who ipod/iphone/ipad/android game: The mazes of time!

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  • Ah, but she's technically three people now. Rory's the same person who keeps dying over and over, but it never seems to stick because even the Grim Reaper is afraid of Rory Pond Williams.

  • @Darth Marsden said: Ah, but she's technically three people now.

    As far as we know anyway.

  • You haven't wasted my time at all - you've actually brought up a very valid point.

    It is worth noting that Donna is perfectly normal until The Stolen Earth. Before that she was one of the best companions in Nu-Who.

  • Does this even really count as a spoiler, given it's in the freakin' title sequence?

    ...but yeah, I liked it too.

  • I take it nobody else witnessed the BIG "Doctor Who" Christmas day event?

    Yes, on Radio 2 Paul O'Grady played "I Want To Spend My Christmas With a Dalek". Rush to the iPlayer now!

    (In other news:

    1) Strax is great. Let's keep him
    2) New "Radio Times" is out today. Radio 4 Extra are about to broadcast a new series of 8th Doctor adventures (well, new to those of us that didn't buy them a couple of years ago, anyway)

  • For those of you with satellite TV - all the classic repeats wot we ought to get on proper telly

  • Idk if its been said but Clara is named after Elizabeth Sladen "Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen".

  • I don't know if naming a companion who dies every time we see her is the best tribute...

    It's a nice touch either way.

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