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If you could save 1 person who would it be?

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I know I already made this thread but it didn't have all the options it should have had---so here is it updated. If there is someone that isn't on here then leave it in the comments and I will put you in as a "write in" vote. Here is the same thread but with no option for Lee, so you can choose who you would save otherwise:

Well I might as well tell mine:

1. Lee
This is probably one of the saddest deaths ever. And knowing I will have to start over in season 2 is just annoying and heartbreaking at the same time. I obviously like him the most because he is me.
2. Carley
She is hot and a great addition to the group. I probably got more mad at her death than anyone else's.
3. Kenny
He was always my right-hand man and had good intentions. He became sort of an asshole, but then became good again later, and by the end, I was really mad at his death.
4. Mark
He was a good guy, and probably would be higher if we could have seen him more. Seemed like a friendly person, and he even helped you as a walker.
While I like Carley better, he was a nice guy and could have been useful in the long run.
6. Charles
Didn't get to know him that much but he was cool. His death was also more sad than I excepted.
7. Duck
Nice kid, a little annoying, but nice.
8. Ben
He was an idiot but he had good intentions and I really felt bad for him.
9. Katjaa
Never really cared for her.
10. Brie
Didn't know her enough to give a shit.
11. Larry
Fuck him.

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