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Walking Dead S2 Multiplayer

posted by Dildor on - last edited - Viewed by 626 users

It seems like Telltale is aiming for 2013 to release season 2! :D

Would it be cool if they made the next season optional multiplayer? You jump into the game with a friend and play through having to deal with another person making their own choices for good or bad. Does your friend want to cooperate or instigate? Having two people instead of one would change how situations go down, maybe give you a different way to approach things. There would be 2 player puzzles or if one player is in trouble the other would have to rush to his or her rescue.

I remember it was a cool feature of dead space 2, and I know it's not practical for an adventure game but I think there'd be a way to make it work. I know there's no way this will ever happen but the idea floated into my head last night so I wanted to see what you guys thought. :cool:

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