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  • I was also disappointed when I found out about the novel's Lilly having a different backstory than the game's Lilly, but I don't think it ruins the whole series or anything. They can still all exist in the same universe. The explanation we have to accept, if we want the comics, novels and game to all be canon, is that these are in fact two different Lillys.

    We know Telltale developed the game with Lilly in mind as the comic book character, but they've since taken down any and all references to her being a character in the comic from the official site, as well as removed the 'Woodbury bound' achievement. That's basically confirming that it isn't the same character, even if they originally planned it that way.

    As far as I can remember, they never mentioned Lilly's last name in the video game. So even if it is strange, I can accept that there is another brunette Lilly who worked at an Air Force base in Georgia, winding up with different groups of survivors. A little coincidental, yeah, but still possible. Since they are different characters, that of course means game Lilly could always show up again in Season 2, unless she was devoured by walkers on the side of the road.

  • @DreadMagus said: I hate to say it, but this change keeps me from buying the book.

    I was hoping there'd be enough to tie the game to the comic... now... meh....

    The way I see it, Kirkman is the writer and creator of both the comics and the novel. Lilly is a character created by him. He doesn't need to write her around Telltale's video game. They need to write her around Kirkman's vision for the character. The novel's are more canon than the video game because they are made by the same person and act as a prequel. The characters from the novels are characters that will be seen in the comics or in settings found in the comics. The Hershel in the video game doesn't look like the Hershel in the comics and Lily in the game wasn't designed to look like the Lily in the comics. Telltale wanted to add their own touch to the game. The game was great but one must remember the game is not the walking dead's origins, it's the comics, so I would consider the Lily in the novel to be canon and a congruent with the Lily we know from the comics even if the novel came out after the game since she was written in the novel by the same person that wrote her in the comics.

  • @Motordead said: Its like telling George Lucas to not include something in his movies. He has the right to change whatever he wants in the story and in his universe. And like the mod said it takes months, maybe even years to write a good novel. You can't make base everything off of Telltales game, they did not create the walking dead universe.

    My thoughts exactly.

  • @Red Panda said: I kind of equally blame both. Kirkman for not putting in the effort to make it cannon and TT for using a comic book character and protagonist from a fucking novel as a major character. They should have done what they did with Glenn. That was the best way to approach it I believe.

    Kirkman's novels are canon! Some people seem to be forgetting who wrote the walking dead. Kirkman never said the game was canon, Telltale did. That was their intention. Kirkman has the right to to write his characters they way he see's fit. It's Telltale's game that risks becoming less authentic when they chose to introduce characters in their game that Kirkman hasn't finished developing.

    Kirkman's novel trilogy is canon to the walking dead and fleshes out the back stories of HIS characters. Kirkman's depiction of Lily in the novels is closer to the Lily in the comics than Telltale's version of Lily ever was. Telltale depicted Lily as some cold hearted callous killer when she killed Carly/Doug. When I saw that in the game I thought WTF. That isn't how Lily was in the comics. In the comics she killed Lori, not because she was a cold hearted evil woman but because she was manipulated by the Governor and deceived. She had been told that Rick's group were wicked, dangerous and were planning to return to Woodbury and harm her people. When she realised that she had shot an unarmed woman with a baby she was furious at the Governor for what he made her do and killed him when she saw he was the wicked one and Rick's group were not the people he said they were.

    Kirkman's vision for the Lily character was different from Telltales. Telltale should have asked Kirkman about her back story instead of assuming her character wouldn't be later fleshed out. Kirkman had decided to write the novel trilogy before Telltale pitched the idea of making their game.

    To say Kirkman should have consulted Telltale about what he was doing with his novel is like saying a parent should tell their children what their home improvement plans are to check that it is alright with them.

  • You should research things a bit more.

  • @lucidity02 said: Yeah, I see your point. Like I mentioned above, Telltale could have just named the character Sylvia or Edna or whatever and there wouldn't be any confusion about what was canon and what wasn't -- or they could have just had Lilly show up, chat a little bit in episode one and then bounce.

    That said, novels take a long time to write, and I feel like there was ample time for Kirkman to step in and send an email that said "Sup, fools? Hey, Lilly in the novel is totally different from the character you've created. Want me to add a little throwaway line into the novel that says that prior events have turned her into a timid character totally unlike the one you're depicting in your game? Cool. I'll do that."

    That's an oversimplification, maybe, and Kirkman DOES own the universe, but it would have been a cool thing for him to do. I'm a little surprised he didn't.

    Kirkman shouldn't have to alter his vision for his novel to tie in with Telltale's video game. Are you serious? It's lucky for Telltale if future comic episodes or novels play out in such away that keeps their game authentic and canon, but if it doesn't tough titty. Kirkman doesn't work for them, answer to them or need to consult with them about his future plans. His story is canon and is the story of the walking dead. At the end of the day the Lily shown in the novel is more like the Lily in the comics than the Lily we saw in the video game. Telltale had less do go on when writing Lily in the game since she only had a short role in the comics. Kirkman knew how he wanted Lily to be when he first wrote her in the comics as he knew how he wanted the Governor to be. Kirkman felt those characters had more to say after their demise and chose to flesh out their characters through his prequels in the novel trilogy. Kirkman hasn't done anything wrong. He didn't write the game and didn't say the game was canon. Telltale said the game was canon. That was what they were aiming for. I enjoyed the game and the tv show, both do things slightly differently but still capture the essence of the walking dead. The comic is canon and the novels are prequels to the comic. Kirkman shouldn't tailor make his future projects to fit in with the games that Telltale create or the stories written in the TV show. He only needs to ensure that his novels tie in with his comics which he has achieved.

  • @godzilla999666 said: Did it ever occur to you that maybe it was telltale that went away from what kirkman came up with? Maybe kirkman told them the name of lily and a little of the story, and they went off on thier own and created more backstory, her attitude without even discussing it with kirkman. I believe kirkman had the novel idea, and who lily was and her backstory mapped out in his head before this game ever came out or was thought of.

    My thoughts exactly.

  • @Vainamoinen said: It is stated in the "Playing Dead" videos that Kirkman had the final say concerning story developments in the game. They've run their ideas by him. The idea that the author of the comic series did not know that Telltale was working on something he himself wanted to detail in his world is hardly possible.

    Somehow I don't believe that Kirkman would assassinate Telltale by quickdrawing this novel though - heck, it's in his definite interest that people like the game and that it is a worthy addition to his franchise!

    People will still like the game the same way people will still like the TV show. I don't think the differences in the novel take away from the games enjoyment nor will it reduce game sales. Maybe it was an over sight, i'm not sure it really matters. The comic is canon and the novels are prequels to the comics, making them canon also. The TV show is not canon but great all the same. Telltale made changes to the Lily character not Kirkman. Personally I didn't feel that Lily in the game was depicted as the Lily I read about in the comics. I have a view on the Lily character, Telltale have a view on her but what matters is Kirkman's since he is her creator. His portrayal of her is the genuine one and I see more consistency between the Lily in the novels and comic than I did with the version Telltale made and the original version of her in the comics.

  • @bdawgnit1785 said: If it's a different Lily then it is neither stupid or lazy!!! BUT if she is indeed Lily Caul from the comics just as glenn and hershell were from the comics then it's not just stupid or lazy but somewhat insulting. I had this book come thru amazon but sent it back before it was ever opened and I sure others have done the same or not bothered to look at it at all.

    My main point wasn't that Kirkman isn't allowed to do this it's just WHY??

    To be 100% honest tho I don't consider the books to be cannon to the comics/ show/ or game. The books are nothing like the TWD universe in that alot of the show/game/comic is all about visuals and books are just words, rise of the governor never felt like TWD to me and the Lily thing just confirms my dislike for the books made by Kirkman/whoever else

    Of course the novels are canon. They are prequels to the comics. Saying they aren't canon is like saying the star wars prequels aren't canon to the Star wars series. It's a shame you sent back the book because Telltale made Lily different from how Kirkman intended. The book fleshes out the Lily character more than the game ever could. When telltale made Lily it was guess work. They had little to go on. Kirkman gives us the real Lily back story in the way he gave us the back story for Michonne and the Governor. It seems like your counting the game as being more canon than the novel. If so I would liken that to one who has been taught falsehood before the truth and chosen to keep to the original story they were told even after the original author revealed the authentic version. But to each his own. As a walking dead fan I will enjoy the TV show, play the game, enjoy the comics and their back stories(novels)

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