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Hi all,

I would like to know what is the "status" of the game actually.
I mean the following: now that the EP5 is out, and that probably everybody has played it, have you experienced again some issues like "all back-ups / saves lost" or things like that ?
Can I safely download and play this game ?
The reason is quite simple, since my game crashed during EP4 when I was about to re-finish the game with a particular set of choices, I stopped playing TWD and decided to wait.
As it seems that there are only two solutions for those who have lost their saves, replay the game completely or accept that the engine do the choices for you, I decided to wait and see what was happening with this last EP.
I don't want the engine to decide of the choices, so I will have to re-do the game from the start; it is very "negative" that no other feature has been implemented, like having to answer manually to a set of question in a check-box list in order to re-set the game with your old choices before the crash.
I don't want to replay the game and loose again all saves.
So.... how is it working now ?
Is there still some risks ?


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  • Well, when I first time went to ep5 (few days ago), the game seemed to forget about some of my choices. However, I've redownloaded it again, this time without the polish translation (it was unofficial, so I thought it m8 crash the game) and when I finished ep4 and gone to ep5 it was all ok, the choices were correct. It worked for me, but I can't tell you for sure that the game is all OK now, unfortunately.

  • There still seem to be errors, bugs and other problems with the PC and Mac versions of the game.
    In my personal experience, I spent around 6 months getting all the episodes to download and lost my saves twice. Totally frustrated...
    After a complete HD crash, I had to reinstall everything on my Mac and that time everything worked perfectly. The episodes downloaded just fine and I could finish the entire game without losing saves.
    No idea why everything went better after a huge crash.

    The users with and without bugs are all totally random and there doesn't seem to be a logical reason for the errors.

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