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Who do you WANT to play as next season?

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I know, I know, we've discussed this to death. But I don't think there's been an official poll on it (as far as I know, at least), and I want to know what we want the most. The options are as follows:

1. New Male Character

2. New Female Character

3. New Male Character (with Clementine)

4. New Female Character (with Clementine)

5. Clementine (as a child)

6. Clementine (as a teenager)

7. Clementine (as an adult)

8. Omid

9. Christa

10. Kenny (if alive)

This is under the assumption that we will be surrounded by a new cast of characters, and more likely than not will not be seeing the old characters, including those in this poll. Also, New Characters with Clem is just general, we won't be speculating what age we expect her to be. You can let us know if you want to, however. New Characters without Clem are obviously without Clem and mostly without the old cast period. Options Kenny, Omid, and Christa are obviously and most likely with Clem. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Clementine I feel is the only choice. When Lee died I felt he passed the torch on to her. I think it'd be cool seeing how Clementine survives without Lee

  • Clem as a teenager, but only problem it skips ahead. So would have to go with a MALE with Clem. The game wont work for me, playing as young Clem with not being able to bust out some cursing.

  • I voted for New Male Character, but I am honestly fine with a new character being either male or female. I just don't want to get saddled with a character from the old cast for anything longer than an Episode next season.

  • No Zombie Lee option? I are disappoint. :p

    New male character, without Clem. Better for everyone involved, especially if the next character ends up living-impaired too.

  • @aaron1290 said: I want to play as lee... but...


  • I defo don't want another "Lee & Clem" story, there needs to be something new. So I chose new male character.

  • I think we will control Clementine, and the main reason I think this is because in the last scene of episode 5 we are indirectly controlling Clementine through Lee, which could be foreshadowing what is to come. Also, Clementine is in the countryside alone right now.

    I want ep1 of season 2 to start off with this choice: shoot your last bullet to attract those 2 people or hide. If you shoot them, they come towards you, but it is actually a DEAD Omid and Christa. If you hide, they walk by you but don't see you and you can escape.

    I want to see Clementine make her way into a safe zone of some sort, and be taken care of by people living there. She can choose to either be honest about what happened to her, or lie. But then maybe a helicopter passes over Savannah and over the countryside, attracting the walkers in that direction. So Clementine once again has to escape. I can see her becoming a hardened survivor this way.

  • A male character already had a turn, so why not a female character with Clem for the next season. I've always wanted to see a sister-like bond just like Amy and Andrea in the comics/tv.

  • It should be a female character this next season, I mean male protagonists are so repetitive so why not pass the torch to a woman and let's see what we women are capable of doing. Remember, it's a Zombie Apocalypse which means it's only fair to say that everyone still surviving at this moment ( including women, of course ) are fierce and is not prepared to die.

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