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Did you know something was wrong with the st.johns?

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They gave me a creepy vibe at the start when we first meet them after being in the woods, when mark was hit by the arrow , i knew he was going to die and the accident with the crazy woman just confirmed my suspicions of the st.johns.

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  • "Couple of our old farmhands grew up in Macon, they grow 'em good there."

    Kind of silly but I started to suspect something was up when Brenda said that.

  • I did. I felt it from the first meeting, actually, in a very small way. I wanted to believe they were good people, but my instincts were saying something different.

    The fact that in the scene immediately afterward they kept probing for information which they would want if they planned to invade or take over; that made me very suspicious. At that point, I was really wishing Lee was as cautious as I would be in such a situation, but they were all very hungry... that eats away at anybody's ability to be rational and not emotional.

  • I suspected from the title.

    I had them pegged when two clean-cut "farmboys" showed up as if without a care in the world.

    I knew I was right on the way to the farm.

  • I suspected from the very beginning, but that's more to do with my familiarity of the TWD universe. Actual in-game hints that confirmed my suspicion was the walk to the farm, when the brothers start asking you questions about the inn's situation (especially leadership and number of people). My initial guesses was they were luring us in for the bandits and cannibalism.

  • I suspected them of something immediately, solely because of how Danny looked. He has such a horridly evil face, you can not think he's anything short of evil with a face like that. Otherwise i would have trusted them. I despise people who mistrust others based on them being "too friendly" and don't think such a phrase should exist. Maybe the questions got a little too far but(being extremely susceptible to curiosity myself) it didn't raise any alarm bells with me.

    The scene with Jolene was the nail in the coffin for me.

  • I knew something was up with them from the start, and had Lee be the lone dissenter in not wanting to go the farm.

    I wasn't expecting that they'd turn out to be cannibals, but from the start I didn't think they were trustworthy.

  • As soon as they began asking how many of us there were and who our leader was I knew they were trouble.

  • Nah, they were alright at first. I grew suspicious of them once the electric fence came on before Mark got shot with an arrow. It was when Danny was commenting on dinner that got me freaked out about the place.

  • They seemed like normal, honest and good people to live with but then things took a turn for the worst. Extreme worst.

    Disgusting people they were.

  • I didn't think there was anything bad going on, except when Kenny said that he saw something suspicious in the back of the barn. I thought the bandits were the bad guys.

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