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How to have determention to make video games?

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I am a depressed person,have no motivation and want to make video games. How do I do it. My role will be the Dilbert Boss type a manager. I pay people to do the work and create the ideas. Most games never get made and the ones that do usually suck. How do I make them?

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  • @TheBigGuns said: I just want it to be completed success or failure is not important.I need advice on creating a site cheap. What mistakes to avoid when I hire someone to create the site. Logo design is another important thing.

    Asking for advice here and there isn't so bad, but really dude if you want any kind of success you need to be able to get out there and find these kind of things out for yourself.
    Trawl the net, find communities that do this kind of thing, hell! Look for some books and articles on this stuff!
    The way you talk about it, you just seem to give of the impression that flinging a little dosh at someone is going to magically yield you results.

    If you want success, you either need to make the substance, or be able to link it all together. Either of those require different sets of skills (with maybe a little overlap)

    Me? All I care about at the moment is the making, that learning process.
    Maybe if I do make a few small games, share them around the net, get feedback, then I might think about taking it further.
    Really this is a very long term process to think about here, and unless you have a special talent and high drive, then you simply won't go anywhere for a long time. Not unless you get smart or very lucky. Research. It's important. You need to know exactly what's out there, what to do, where to go, who you need, what people want, and WHY they want it.

    Even with my 3 years worth of degree-level management studies, and 15 years of gaming experience, I still can't say for sure where this industry is going to go, or what sort of games people are dying to play. But, to be honest I don't care all too much about it, as I still need to get over the hurdle of actually making something. Taking one of these ideas of mine and making something out of it.
    Talk is cheap, I know that all too well, but I'm still struggling to tame my natural personality traits of aloofness and disorganisation.
    Which is why I'm trying to make that kind of learning fun again. Taking my time learning the ins and outs of an engine, while trying to narrow down one of the ideas into something I could make into a plan.

    Then, and only then, am I going to make something.

    Oh and if you do want to read more into this, go read some books on game design. I know I need to (I only have Level-Up by Scott Rodgers. A nice little intro book, but I need to go deeper! (Bwoooooooaaaaahhh!))
    Then do some business reading, article reading. Lots of gaming reading!
    You need that ability to map out the environment and connect it all up. Otherwise your just wasting your time here... -_-

    One thing I do agree with is to play Bad games, and read into the history of bad video game development processes, and general business failures. Keep them in your head so you can try to avoid those situations should you get the chance to do something.

    (Oh yeah. There is something squishy in this head of mine! XD (just a shame I'm dirt poor and have no like minded connections :( (my own fault though. I'm a lone wolf type of guy. Too much internal feels and thinks for most people. Not quite ready for getting out there tbh. Not until I get a good level of self-confidence that's for sure... -_-))

    Edit: tl/dr version: You essentially sound like the GMC equivalent of a n00b going onto a forum and being all like "imma gonna make my own MMORPG. Tell me how to maeks MMORPG!!"
    Not only is it pretty dumb, but it's also kind of insulting to the people who deeply care about all this stuff. So you better wise up! Jane Wise! XD

  • Wasn't counter strike made in no budget also another day the same dream was made in only 6 days .One of the best examples of a no budget game is KatawaShoujo

  • @TheBigGuns said: Wasn't counter strike made in no budget


  • @TheBigGuns said: Wasn't counter strike made in no budget also another day the same dream was made in only 6 days .One of the best examples of a no budget game is KatawaShoujo

    One of the best freeware games ever made, Cave Story, took 5 years to make by one guy. One guy. 5 years.

  • Yes but we have more resources. Also failure is the 1st step in learning.

  • @TheBigGuns said: Yes but we have more resources. Also failure is the 1st step in learning.

    Dude. I don't think we are on the same track of thought here at all.
    Yes there are loads of resources, it's easier to make something with comparable quality, but you still need to fucking plan it all out and then make it.
    That's where you need the experience, the skills, the talent.

    I may only be 3-4 years older, but to me, you seem ridiculously immature, like a 12 year old.
    This is what annoys me about some people, they see something, and they are all like "Durr! I could do that", but they don't realise that there is a whole fucking world behind that seemingly insignificant thing, that "grain of sand".

  • @TheBigGuns said: Wasn't counter strike made in no budget

    Counter-Strike was originally a mod for Half-Life. Without being built on the shoulders of a pre-existing game and its engine, it was nothing, and it's incredibly rare for a game mod to be picked up by the developer of the original game as a full release. And once Counter-Strike was in Valve's hands, money definitely went into making it into the game it became. And you can bet your ass that a ton of work went into the original mod through several beta releases before it ever got to that point. You couldn't find a programmer willing to do the amount of work to create a Half-Life mod as intricate as Counter-Strike was for only $1000.

  • Think about it this way: If it really was this simple and viable, why hasn't it been done?

  • @Giant Tope said: Think about it this way: If it really was this simple and viable, why hasn't it been done?

    EveryDay the Same Dream was again made in 6 days. One of the most innovative games, it puts most AAA games to shame.

  • I've thought this for a while, but I'm pretty much convinced that you're just trolling now, hence the thread closure.

    If you're serious, then you are incredibly naive and/or optimistic. You have no experience, no budget and no idea of what you're doing. Best of luck, but you'll get no further help from us, because you're clearly not listening to the very solid advice we've been giving you.

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