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Refund Please! (or maybe a fix after ALL this time?)

posted by Jared776 on - last edited - Viewed by 778 users

Just from a quick browse, I can see just a huge amount of the same save issue. It seems that the only thing I've seen from Telltale to address this is something along the lines of *shrug* "Just reload over and over and over and maybe it will work." That is not a valid solution to me.
I just bought the game over Xbox Live, and finished Chapter 1. I loved it so far, and I was excited to continue. However, when I chose 'continue' and selected Chapter 2, it would bring me back to the last scene of Chapter 1 every time, no matter how many times I exited to main menu, exited the game, copied the save files, replayed the WHOLE thing, or even tried to just re-finish the last scene.
You accept awards and my money, but you won't fix something as simple as this?? I mean, the whole point of the game is that it changes depending on your choices! Choosing random choices to start each new chapter works...but it doesn't save my choices, so I have no interest in continuing.
In other words, I demand a refund. It seems that there is no way to directly contact Telltale, and I'm sure they will ignore this as well, but it is ridiculous to treat your paying customers this way.

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  • @soulstealer82 said: its not like i'm gonna go in all like "damn you hoe, gimme my money back!" i'll just ask for a refund and tell them how the game doesn't work, then if not then i'll ask to see the manager

    If you can get a refund, great, but typically, as I'm sure you know, stores don't typically give refunds on CDs, movies or games that have already been opened.

    To them, a game's a game's a game, so they'll most likely just stick to their corporate policy. Better to get store credit than nothing at all.

    Anyway, I hope you come back and post what happens.

  • @plottwist said: Just joining the ranks of the monumentally disappointed, Telltale.

    I'd been really wanting TWD, and Friday I eagerly took advantage of xbox live's awesome deal on it, downloading all five episodes. I played the hell out of the first two, glued to the storyline and the characters and the excitement of having to make hard choices fast, and then I tried to start episode 3 and got reset to episode 1. I tried it twice more with the same result. I googled for potential fixes, but nothing I've attempted has worked for me so far, including advice found on this forum. I also completely replayed episode 2, but that didn't make any difference.

    I was really enjoying TWD, already saying good things about it to my husband and friends, but at this point I'm too frustrated to restart from the very beginning since it seems likely I'll end up in the same position. I understand that I can still try starting from the later episodes, but working with a random and unpersonalized history of choices is the opposite of the promised experience. It wouldn't be the game I paid for.

    Unfortunately, I'll have to deal with xbox live and see if we can manage to get a refund there, but seriously, TTG, the complaints about this are legitimate. Now I'll have to warn friends about the huge potential problems rather than recommend this.

    Make sure you vote... Telltale games and their non-existent support staff (their support is done as a side-job by the QA folks) insist that the save state issue has been fixed and the number of affected gamers is very small. They also assert that it's likely user error from gamers dashboarding instead of quitting the game normally.

  • i'll be fine with getting credit instead of cash, i'll just go buy a movie

  • @soulstealer82 said: i'll be fine with getting credit instead of cash, i'll just go buy a movie

    That's the best way to go. The longer you or anyone else waits to return it, a store might be less likely to grant even store credit.

    And it would really suck for anyone to miss out on their store's return policy window.

    I really feel sorry for everyone who's tried to stick with it, hoping for a fix. That's a headache and frustration I'm glad I don't have.

    I think everyone should also write Microsoft about the game, because they're partly responsible for this fiasco.

    It truly sounds like this shoddy product was rushed to market in order to capitalize on the game-of-the-year hype and the Christmas buying season.

    They put money before customers. Not a good idea. Their reputation as a company has taken a hit, which can't be offset by a rush of holiday money.

  • i just took the game back to target and got a cash refund, i brought a printout of a webpage saying that the game is all messed up and full of glitches. they said they were gonna copy the printout and send it to the head office to tell them and i got a full refund

  • @soulstealer82 said: i just took the game back to target and got a cash refund, i brought a printout of a webpage saying that the game is all messed up and full of glitches. they said they were gonna copy the printout and send it to the head office to tell them and i got a full refund

    That was a good move on your part to bring a printout and good that Target gave you a cash refund.

    In all my years of gaming, I have never encountered such a terribly made game.

    I've heard of class-action lawsuits against videogame makers for much less serious issues.

  • ugg is new years and I want to play this game ugggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you ruin everything

  • bought this on xbox live arcade when they offered episode 1 for free and got hooked. Made it into episode 3 and had to save and quit. Returned to having to revert to episode 1 every time I tried to go back. i cannot believe i shelled out 20 dollars on live for this broken game. does telltale plan on refunding people because there is no way I plan on remaining quiet after being sold this broken game.

  • I got this game on Christmas, and I played the first episode it was laggy as hell and I thought it was just the first episode but it was the whole damn game disc.. I tryed to return it back GameStop but they wouldn't wanted to give me a refund and they would only give me around $10 something for credit and if I wanted to sell they were going to give me less than that... Forget that! I grabbed my game and walked away I'm not selling my game or get store credit for that much from a game that was $29.99.. I had the original recipe and also the gift recipe.. Telltale and GameStop sucks!!! So I'm stuck with the game hoping for a patch...

  • Damn, I really hoped by taking like a week away from this game that maybe, just MAYBE they would add in an update. I really can't understand why this is taking so long! I mean, I assume they have a smaller team at TTG than a bigger company, but you have to at least do some testing! And especially when your forum is FILLED with nothing but complaints!

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