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Cannot play episode 5. Game freezes right after I press "play" every time.

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I downloaded the game off the Xbox Live Marketplace, and was able to play episodes 1-4 fine. I downloaded episode 5, and when I press "Play" nothing happens, and I can no longer press any other buttons, the game is completely frozen. I have deleted and redownloaded the game several times, and still nothing. I have tried starting new games, and have the same problem when I try to play episode 5. I can still play all the other episodes no problem, but this one just won't load.

The only thing that was different between downloading this episode and the previous ones was I initially didn't have enough space on my hard drive, so I had to delete some stuff before I was able to download it, but that shouldn't have any effect on the game right?

Can I at least get my 400 ms points back? I mean I can't even load the damn game.

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  • UPDATe: After uninstalling the entire game and reinstalling it for the 4th time, now I can't even get into the game before it freezes. I am on the Xbox home page, I click TWD to start playing it, and the screen just goes black and freezes. I have since uninstalled and redownloaded 2 more times, and still can't even get the game to start.

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