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Help episode 4 On iPad *spoilers*

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I am stuck in the game (playing on ipad) and have checked walkthroughs but haven't found a solution. I am at the part where Clementine is missing after coming out of the sewers. I know she is in the shed but the game won't let me open the shed. I looked all through the back yard (dog house, grave, through the fence and gate, and the bushes as well as finding the vent open). I thought I might need to go back inside and get a tool to open the shed doors but it won't let me go back inside and I see the shed door thumping. When I go to the shed door and try to open it it only tells me "shed door" with no options to open it. I have tried quitting the game and trying again but it still won't give me an option to open the shed doors like the walkthrough says... Any help would be appreciated!


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