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Speculation on the anonymous silhouettes from Episode 5.

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Meet the low-poly models of the phantoms from the end of the Walking Dead: episode 5. You cannot see the untextured models themselves in the game, but the developers used their shadows to create an illusion. The left man has the same character model as Doug, the deceased mechanic. Looks a bit modified to me, with the hair and all. The right man, despite looking like the Heavy on diet pills and anencephaly, utilizes Ben Paul's character model. It is possible these characters are not even the people seen on the hill; they may just be placeholders, so Christa and Omid believers, hang in there.
I'm sorry, I can't find any angles of this scene, because the image credit belongs to Hallowseve15, so I can't provide any more exact information. Not sure if this qualifies for a thread, but hey, it's worth a try. Typing this in a hurry, so I'm sorry if I missed something important.

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