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Telltale wants to work on "deeper" franchises like Star Wars, Halo and Half Life next

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Telltale Games had one hell of a 2012. It released its successful adaptation of The Walking Dead (which GamesBeat named its Game of the Year).

How does the developer plan to follow that up? Well, it sounds like it wants to work on some of the biggest video game and movie franchises in existence.

“Coming from LucasArts, we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” Telltale chief executive officer Dan Connors told Red Bull U.K. in an interview. “We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise — something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories.”

Of course, the developer has nothing in the works that involves Halo, Half-Life, or Star Wars, but Connors and the rest of the team at Telltale believe they are ready for something of that scale.

“[Dan Connors was] speaking more to our goal of wanting to take on a major gaming franchise someday,” Telltale’s senior vice president of publishing Steve Allison told GamesBeat. “[We want] to build a narrative game series that supports another franchise — as we passionately believe [our game] would not compete with or cannibalize [Halo 4 or the next Half-Life.]“

Allison believes that a Telltale adventure game based on a major gaming or movie franchise would only boost player investment in the series. Especially since the developer’s games are so different from what most of these properties are best known for.

“Will we do this? Yes, we believe we will some time very soon,” said Allison. “But the franchises mentioned are totally speculative and used only as an example to frame the idea.”


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  • Never seen Star Wars but Halo and Half-Life are so overrated, I think.

  • @ZacTB said: Never seen Star Wars but Halo and Half-Life are so overrated, I think.

    I agree that Halo is overrated, but Half-Life, it's pretty underrated IMO

  • hmmm im pretty sure Valve wouldnt let them touch Half Life / portal

    but Star Wars is a total slut so i see that happening.

  • Star Wars? Maybe
    Halo? Definitely not.
    Half Life? Also a no.

    I wish TellTale Games would develop a game based on Dexter because there isn't a single good decent game of it that does justice to it, and the Quick Time Events for stabbing the criminals on the heart would be fucking awesome.

    It would definitely make me feel closer to being like Dexter, but I wonder if TTG will ever do such game. Please TellTale Games!

  • I'm not sure about these as Halo and half life work well as shooters and I wouldn't really enjoy them as point and clicks/adventure games

    Star wars could be done but only if done well with a good story and it stays away from the prequels

    Maybe as a bounty hunter or something like that could work or as a jedi of the dark side of the force...

  • I think The Walking Dead series concentrates more on story than story, choices and characters than big series like Star Wars, so gameplay is less important which suits TT's point and click adventure style. They could make some decent games but I don't think those series suit them.

  • @Kaserkin said:
    No! Please no!

    What's wrong with Jaws? And I'm talking about the first one, and maybe the second. The rest are unnecessary sequels.

  • @HiggsBoson2142 said: What's wrong with Jaws? And I'm talking about the first one, and maybe the second. The rest are unnecessary sequels.

    Telltale don't make Films into Games they make Film worlds and make a Game set in that world

    A Jaws game would be another sequel and rather linear

  • TWD is probably one of the deepest franchises out there for stories that draw the player in.

    That said, I would be interested in seeing what they could do with something like "The Sopranos." Talk about a morality play. And you'd have to solve puzzles to whack people, many of whom would be simple victims of the mob. And maybe sometimes you'd have the choice to let someone go if they got out of town. But then you'd have to cover it up with your captain/boss.

  • Half-Life may work - the universe is big enough, and the original series are centered only around Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, Adrian Shephard and Barney Calhoun. Telltale could show us something about 7 hours war, for example. The problem is though that it may end up being similar to The Walking Dead, because the general idea is similar - something breaks out - people are trying to survive.

    Star Wars is totally possible - you can make up anything about anyone pretty much in any time period.

    I also really like "The Sopranos" kind of idea, makes perfect sense with usual Telltale mechanics.

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