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Telltale I want to help you with Season 2. *Must Read*

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I have read alot of posts and topics on here, which seem to REPEAT themselves over and over.
What I cannot figure out is two major things that need to change, to make this game more EPIC then what it is at the moment.

1. Make the episodes longer. Please dont make us wait months, to only get 2 hours in. would love to be able to get more than an two hours out of a game that i waited months in between for it to be released. If worse comes to worse, release two episodes at a time.

2. Give this game more of a open world feel to it. Nothing is worth then walking around and only being able to do what the game allows you to do or buttons to press. The gamer, wants to be in control, hence why you allow us to pick what we want to say. Want to see an example of a game that was ruined due to lack of open world? Play L.A Noire. Solid storyline and graphics, but game was dry, amd only allowed the gamer to press a button when it promopted you. It was boring, and didn't deliever on the gameplay. You have a game that needs to deliever in season 2 with this major issue. Why cant we pick up or own weapons, or create our own weapons? Why cant I enter the house in episode 2 and really see what I expected from the begining? Rather you stop users from doing their exploring, and force the gamer to do what you want them to do.

Thats all I wanted to add. Would love to know if anyone agrees or disagrees and why?

Dont get me wrong though, I love this game. Just think these things could just make this the complete game. Would love to play this game longer, and more than once.

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