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Walking Dead Season 2 Wishlist (Please read)

posted by Nekrocop on - last edited - Viewed by 188 users

I decided to make a Wishlist on some stuff that, IMO should definetly be in season 2 of the game. Here are most of them:

New locations(urban, rural) during differen seasons(winter, summer).
A main character as good as Lee.
Remember the scene in ep 5 when you're in the house giving orders to everyone? That scene should be remade but with actual effect and consequence, since the original one was interrupted by the walkers at the from door, rendering the last 4 dialogues completely uneccesary. They are an obvious illusion of choice, unlike other choices which manage to pay off. So imagine a scene with a more strategic aspect, an example is a person good scavenging weapons is being sent to barricade a window, and he fails horribly. That would really immerse players.
Weapon of choice actually matters. A small thing like that would also be good for the players, example- You choose a small hammer instead of a hatchet and someone makes a comment on it. You choose an electric taser instead of a knife and someone makes a comment that you used a non lethal way to attack someone.
More vehicle scenes, like someone randomly driving off a cliff.
More Ben-esque choices for certain survivors- be able to save someone so he doesn't die until 1 or even 2 episodes.
Multiple ways to solve a puzzle. That would totally give you the idea you have a choice on how to solve a problem, something the game has not done thus far.
Michonne-ized walkers. Come on, we saw the walker guts thing, now we need to see an armless, jawless docile walker.
And finally, a bit harder puzzles. I you have a more complex puzzle(something like the train) with 2 options to solve it, and its a bit harder it would definetly be good.

So, what do you people think?

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  • A carley and a Lee. Both with good personality and similar looks. More freedom. that is all.

  • I agree with the reasons stated above e

  • Closure on characters from season 1. Like finding out if Christa and Omid made it, what's next for Clem, and maybe if Kenny survived or not.

    A scene like the one where Lee and Clem walk through the gauntlet covered in gore, but what if you had a Ben-like compainion with you who freaked out, or tripped, or something before you reached the other end of the horde? That'd be a real great "Well, fuck" moment.

    A Season long antagonist (or perhaps one intorduced in Episode 2, or early in Episode 3). Basically, a living human who has it out for the group for some reason like Campman did, but with more screen time and interaction than Campman's couple of radio calls then conversation in the hotel. An antagonist we can really hate.

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