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Save file reset on episode 4 (After other glitches)

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my save file reset after i play episode 4, got a ways into it, stoped playing for the night and then the next day when i loaded it back up it loaded episode 1 and erased my save file. This is after i had to wait for a patch to come on xbox live to fix my freezing game ending glitch on episode 3 where u couldnt start the train. Now they fix that and instantly i cant play again and lost my file. I dont want to play it over again. i dont wanna play anymore period. I want a refund. This isnt right. A refund should be issued to people who lost thier save files or that had to go through multiple game stoping glitchs. Id like an email response concerning this issue.

An ex-customer who will never buy anything u make again.

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  • well im both glad and saddened Im not the only one affected by this.

    I finished playing ep3 in oct with no probs.

    Last night I started ep . Got close to the end ..couple hours in and decided to call it a night.

    next day I tried.. clicked on ep4.. then it reset to ep 1.
    The stats were all gone to only reflect choices for ep 1 but it didnt recognize i completed ep 1,2,3.
    I tried loading ep 4 again by selecting in (RB). And now it loads 4..but from the beginning.
    I could redo it..but with hours lost and no garentee I can complete it on a single sitting, or garentee it will save when i complete ep ..
    At this point I don't want to play with such uncertainty's.

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