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Episode 3- Only 42% left Lilly behind?

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After she shoots Carly in the face? Really? What possible reason would people have for keeping her? I had been looking for a way to get rid of her since the drugstore.

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  • I was totally devastated when I lost Carley
    I saw the subtle movements of lily pulling out the gun and I sat there screaming wait!! Wait!! Wait!!
    But there was no option to step in in any way.
    Then there was the terrible scene of her being shot right in the head...
    No way she deserved that
    I was glad to leave lily behind

  • Am I the only one who let Lilly come along solely because of Larry? I tried and failed to save him. Sure, he was a jerk, but he didn't deserve that. He loved Lilly, so I felt like the least I could for him was keep her safe.

  • +1 :P and Im also a big fan of Lilly as much as I understand her character,carley didnt deserved to die,but lilly didnt deserve to get left

  • I feel like the people who shot the woman in the beginning, and took Lilly with them, wouldn't last a week with a group in an actual zombie apocalypse. She just shot one of your best friend's. In the face. In front of your whole group who ALSO want to kick her out. And you take her with you? Are you nuts?

  • What's the point of surviving if you lose your humanity in the process?

  • You're not "losing humanity" by not shooting a woman, when you're saving yourself, your friend, the girl you're caring for, and your group so that you can get supplies for them. If anything it gives you more humanity. You're not "losing humanity" by leaving a psycho woman on the streets when she just shot your best friend in the face and has the guts to ask you NOT to leave her. Keeping her with you would be dangerous and wreck less, as you see when she DOES come with you, guess what? She steals the RV. And if you end up NOT getting that train to work, then what? WALK to Savannah? I don't think so. Losing humanity would be doing what Crawford did. Make sure only able people are in your group, and killing everyone else. Lilly was able, but she killed someone. A friend. If you think she's coming with me you can join her on the side of the road.

  • You're letting a scared young woman suffer a brutal death and then become a Walker, solely because it MIGHT buy you more time.

    I was talking more about that than leaving Lilly.

  • Exactly why I said what I said, as I don't believe you lose humanity by looking after your group and making sure you have supplies to last a while. The only thing I agree with Lilly about in the entire game is where she says "We can't help every living person we come across!". We HAVE to look out for ourselves as well.

  • Lilly also sides with you in shooting the girl, at least if you didn't help to kill her father.

  • Ah. About that.... ;D... Yeah I kinda did. Oh well, I still hate her.

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