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[ToMI] Game breaking bug (chapter 5)

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I bought Tales of Monkey Island during Steam Sales and I liked it until now.

The problem is that when I'm trying to enter for the very first time in the portal to the real world located on the Treasure Hunt map, the game stops and there's a windows error like "monkeyisland stopped working". I'm in a point of the story where I must go there but I can't because of this.

I'm playing on the French version of the game and I'm quite sure that the problem is because of a cutscene who's not starting.

I already had this problem during chapter 4 when going to the destroyed house of lady voodoo for the first time. In french, I was able to go there, but as soon as my mouse went to an interactive object the game stopped.
Hopefully I found a save on this forum who were not that far from where I was, so I switched to english and used the save.
When I went to the destroyed house, a cutscene started which didn't happen on the french version.

Sadly this time I didn't find a save on the forum so I'm asking for help.
I'm pretty sure that switching to english and starting over from the beginning of the chapter will do the trick, but even if I'm able to understand most of the english's dialogs I'd like to continue and end the game in french because there's some jokes and words that I still don't get sometimes.
And of course, I don't want to loose the ~3h already spent on this chapter.

If there's no other solution (and if somebody is able to provide one), I'm okay to download an english save who's not too far from where I am.
But that's not what I paid for.

I'm running the game on Steam, using Windows 7 64bit.

Thanks for your help

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