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A Cool idea for Christa's possible child

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I get the feeling the creators ran out of time in Episode 5, but were planning to put more in. One of them being a revealing of Christa's pregnancy. I feel like it would've been nice and nostalgic if they're talking about it, and ask you what you'd want to name them if they were a boy/girl. (Gender is randomly decided.)

If they ask if she's a girl, your options can be Carley, Lilly, Katjaa, and Molly.

If they ask if he's a boy, your options can be Kenny, Larry, Doug, and Ben.

After you answer, one of the two will make a statement about the person. (Unless it's Carley, Lilly, Katjaa, Doug, or Larry in which Omid/Christa will answer "______, I like it." If you say Ben, Kenny, or Molly they'll tell you you'll be okay.

(This is supposing it happens after Kenny's (and Ben's) death.)

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