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Retail Version question

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Hi, I already played through the whole game on my iOS device. Now I want to physically own the game on discs, with nice packaging and everything.
If I buy the game in the Telltale Store, will I get only a download version or am I getting a nice box including game disc(s)? I am a Mac user. Does the game come compatible for Windows and OS X (like Tales of Monkey Island) on the same disc(s)? Do I get a serial number to enter in Steam to have my game registred there, too?
I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance

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  • - Telltale Games does not sell a physical disc version of The Walking Dead (yet). BestBuy is the only online store which sells a PC version. I don't know if this is compatible with Mac. Amazon (and other online stores) sell Xbox and PS3 versions, US only.

    - If you buy the game from the Telltale website (which I recommend), you do NOT get a Steam license.

  • Thank you for your quick response.
    Unfortunately, that is bad news. I don't intend to buy another virtual copy of the game (since I already bought the full iOS game). Do you know for sure if there are plans by Telltale to sell physical copies of the game? Maybe in a nice box like the "Tales of Monkey Island" Collectors Edition?

  • Nope, I can't help you there.
    There have been more people asking for this (including me), but there hasn't been any news about a DVD / Collector's edition at all.

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