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Questions for the Walking Dead team!

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Hey guys, I know it's still early days on this project, and we're a ways off from talking about anything concrete, but it seemed like as good a time as any to start an official Q&A thread!

In all honesty there isn't a lot we can talk about yet -- we were going to do press for the game at PAX East last month, but held off when we realized that our answer to almost any conceivable standard press question would be "no comment, yet" -- but I trust you guys to rise above the standard questions, and come up with some Walking Dead stuff we can discuss, so have at it. Ask away!

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  • Any release date for episode 6 from season 2? Or at least some clues or puzzles/whatever.

  • @Vladisimo said: Any release date for episode 6 from season 2? Or at least some clues or puzzles/whatever.

    It will likely be named episode 1, not 6. That's how they've done it so far.

  • @Mornai said: It will likely be named episode 1, not 6. That's how they've done it so far.

    Well I saw this article ( and this is why I called it episode 6.

    Anyway please TTG give us a release date of the first episode or some kind of cryptic clue to deduce from, please.

  • Having completed the game eight times, making different decisions throughout. Can you, for the next game, make the decisions really matter. I understand that most was for Clementines benefit for survival, but they didn't really make any odds on who was going to live or die.
    For example with Duck. He gets bitten no matter how quickly you shoot the walker. What would have been preferable is if you shot the walker quickly he lives, if not then he gets bitten etc.
    Same goes for Carly/Doug, could there have been an option to save him/her if you moved quickly enough to stop Lily.
    The characters then could interact with the player, in a much more realistic way. By all means kill them off later in the game, but do it in such a way that maybe one or two survives, directly because of the players actions or inaction's.
    Other than the points raised, I found this game one of the best I have ever played and long may it continue.
    I hope you consider what I have wrote, as for me personally, it was the only thing I was disappointed with.
    Saying that though, I look forward to the next installment with great anticipation along with everyone else.

  • Will the choices i make in WD season2 actually make a diffence?In season 1 choices made little to no diffence to the story.Except Doug or Carly choice.Leaving very little replay value.
    My ONLY problem with game.

  • I have a question:

    It has recently come to my attention, that Molly was suppose to have a larger role, than she ended up having in the final game.

    What made you change your mind about Mollys role, and why?

  • My question is:

    Would you consider making an "alternate version" of season 1?

    My meaning is that we can make more decisions and possibly save certain people but it won't be considered in the games official canon. For example you pour all your "affection" into Lilly and in doing so you can save Carley/Doug from being shot. This would allow you to save a character but would make the game a whole lot harder as Kenny would hate your guts. Some deaths e.g Duck and Katjaa would be unavoidable as that is almost essential to the Kenny issue but with Carley/Doug Lilly could still leave feeling that everyone is against her etc.

  • My question is: Can you make Clem remember everything Lee told her in the next game?

  • Due to fact that I am tapping on my smartphone, I am gonna be short. Could you add a "coin" feature just like in kongregate so that people can purchase this game and others as well via paysafe? It's much simpler, easier (you just buy a16 digit code card and that's it. ) and much safer (no precious data can be stolen and you are safe from a Cyprus case.)

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