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Who did you think was slipping the bandits supplies at first?

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Someone sneaking into the camp

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  • I suspected Ben right away, because he was the most defensive when asked about the flashlight. It was pretty much confirmed for me the moment the bandits overran the motor inn, because Ben had been on watch. He failed to sound a warning.

  • Maybe cus he was scared of getting shot. The others gave a solid no. Clem said no. Other said no. Carley said no (even joking around with the batteries). Ben- he didn't really give a solid answer and was so worked up and affected by it I knew it was him.

    I just had a random realization. What if Lilly/Carley return in S2? (Seems impossible, but let's wait and see. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON) thatd be interesting

  • I didn't know until I asked Ben, you can easily tell.

  • @CarleyandLeeTWD said:

    I just had a random realization. What if Lilly/Carley return in S2? (Seems impossible, but let's wait and see. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON) thatd be interesting

    Lilly could potentially return in the next season, but Carley won't.

    Carley is dead in every playthrough.

  • I know. But idk, you know some of those games where the main character dies or whatever then they return to their home planet or whatever and tell their story on how they survived..

    What do you think Lilly will be like?

  • Wait, so Carley's planet needed her? And I'm pretty sure Lilly will still be a pent up bitch, but slightly more regretful because she killed an innocent person. Only slightly though.

  • for me it couldn't be lee because that'd be kinda stupid, lee (the player) must've remembered that, so no, Kenny didn't seem like a traitor to me same goes for Katjaa and Carley, Lilly didn't seem suspicious to me because she started the investigation, i figured Duck was too dumb, Clem too shy and even if she took something she wouldn't have a clue about what to do with it i mean we didn't know about bandits at that point, and getting high is nothing she'd do. Someone sneaking into the camp seemed unlogical to me because, why would they leave the stuff in that hole in the wall? if they were coming to steal they'd take it... but Ben he seemed to be that kind of guy, well he was the new one, and a mess after what happened to his friend and his teacher. In E2 when he told us "it's not the bite, that does it..." his voice sounded like he was about to cry...

  • @thestalkinghead said: how did you come to the conclusion that bandits were involved

    The next time on walking dead...

  • The thing with Ben is he acts and talks the same almost all the time so he acts as if he is permanently guilty which made it difficult to know whether it was just him acting how he normally was or if he really was guilty

  • By process of elimination i decided it was Ben or Katjaa

    It was clearly not Lilly or Carley since they ask you to look into it and i trusted Carley anyway. You know it wasn't Lee since you play as him. I never once considered it could be the kids. Kenny might have done it to protect his family, but i think he'd probably do the deal openly and try to convince people rather than be a traitor

    So that left Ben and Katjaa.

    In hindsight it also makes sense that Ben wasn't there to see how well the St.Johns's "deal" with the bandits went.

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