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What was your favorite Walking Dead character of them all?

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I'm personally going with Kenny.

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  • I loved Lee and Clem, but since everyone loves them (seriously, who doesn't? Why would you even play if you didn't love the crap out of that awesome little girl and that wonderful tortured man?) I picked the much-maligned Ben.

    People forget how much it sucks to be a teenager. Your emotions are all over the place, your hormones are going crazy... he's old enough to not have any childlike resilience/adaptability to cushion him nor parents or guardians like Clem and Duck have, and old enough to comprehend the horror of the world he's living in, but not old enough to have years of life experience to strengthen his resolve. Lee and Mark and Lilly and every one of them have a mature perspective... Ben has nothing and no one during the entire story; he's alone. It's why I had Lee try to mentor him, not that anything ever takes before he dies.

    He gets so much hatred, but really, he had it the worst out of anyone in the entire game.

  • Lee. Good story, good voice, just perfect character.

  • Voted Larry. Yeah he has some anger problems, but I can see from his point of view, and overall his remarks made me laugh, and most of his intentions were good.

  • Lee and Carley. Some connection was between them, and I liked their personality. Telltale should make another carley and lee D: (that maybe shouldn't die or whatever, but keep it real at the same time).

    both have good voices (lee= very commanding/powerful/true whatever carley= soothing, calming, fun to hear, powerful,true)

  • Clementine was my favorite character and I therfore tried to choose the choices which wouldn't hurt her but made her feel hopeful about finding her parents.

  • Clementine, Lee, Kenny, Carley, Doug and Omid. I quite liked Duck too..

  • Omid ftw.
    I got bored a few days ago and searched Tumblr with the "Omid" tag. I couldn't stop laughing at some of the posts about him.

  • Clementine for sure, i tried playing the game in "asshole mode" but didn't even get to the drugstore because i couldn't be like that to Clem after what i've been through with her (in 3 playthroughs) and especially not when looking into that eyes,... i don't want to write much about her since everyone who loves her as much as i do knows exactly why.

    but if Lee and Clem were no option i'd say Kenny, he is funny, a badass, a good friend, and seems very real. (did i mention he's a badass?) quote: i'll ring their motherfucking bell for 'em! another good one: hey lee, don't know how to pick a lock do you? NO, why would you say that!? because... you know... you're urban. and so on you know the part.

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