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Did you drop him?

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Did you drop Ben? Why or why not did you drop him?

I personally dropped him for multiple reasons.

1. He did give food to the bandits and forced us out of the camp.
2. Didn't fess up and got Carley/Doug killed
3. Because of this Duck got bit and caused Katjaa and Duck to both die.
4. Left Clem to die.
5. Let Clem leave the house when he should of been watching her!!!!
6. Clem gets back to house, you would think he would watch her right? "Uhh shes in the backyard playing" FUCKING REALLY?!
7. Took the hatchet from the door that was blocking the walkers.
8. Had to tell Kenny right than and there about everything. Time we could have used to all escape.

If it wasn't for the group he would have been walker food a loooong time ago. I was done with him when he let Clem get out of the house on her own to follow Lee. HE HAS ONE JOB! To watch a child. To make sure the child didn't get away. There was no way I was going to let him put anyone else in danger to save his skin. Dropped him. Save yourself this time idiot.

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  • I kinda wanted to drop him, but I just couldn't do it. So I pulled him up.

  • I dropped him. I could forgive the mistakes, but not manning up on the side of the road and letting Carley take his bullet made me hate him, then leaving Clem in the streets. That was just selfish cowardice.

    He got way to many good people killed. That was my thinking at the time.

    In hindsight given i would have been able to keep Carley's gun and he's doesn't last all that long i'd probably pull him up.

  • Even though he did a lot of mistakes and therefore bears the guilt for Ducks and Katjaas death, I decided to pull him up. I thought that it wouldn't be right to end his life, since you can't bring anybody back to life and he could still be a help in some situations.

  • Lee to Glen when he asked why he gave Irene the gun - "Mercy, man."
    That's also why I pulled Ben up. It was simply in my Lee's moral perspective the right thing to do, the most merciful.

    I know these are two different situations and not related to each other, but I played Lee as someone seeking to make amends for his own mistake(s) and such weighed on his decisions in the ZA.

  • Ben asks. Cry answers.

    That's my answer as well.

  • I... was gonna drop him because he was begging me to, but I chose to pull him up because I thought it would be one of those choices where you tried to save them, but the death is canon. Glad I chose that option though, he died in a better way by getting shot.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I pulled Ben up because Clementine said he was her friend even though he was annoying and irresponsible at times i couldn't let him drop.

  • I wanted to but then I'd feel guilty of killing him at that moment, so I pulled him up and he still died later on in the next episode. :p

  • I pulled him up, because his intentions are good. Even if i hated him for his actions, i will not be responsible for his death. He'll do himself in or someone else will, but that blood won't be on my hands.

  • @MesterF said: I never hated Ben. He was a good, but stupid guy, who always tried to help, but in the wrong ways. That can't be said about all characters

    I'm in management and I think some lessons I've learned from that apply here.

    I've had employees that were fuck-ups before (like Ben), and employees that were malevolent (like Lily). I think anyone would agree that malevolent ones are a much bigger problem than mere fuck-ups.

    And a situation like a ZA when you don't really have much choice in who's on your team is not that different from the business world. Firing and replacing people tends to be a laborious process that's almost always harder than simply finding the right niche/role for the troublesome worker.

    The "senior management" at the Travellier Motel had no way of knowing that Ben was not qualified to stand watch. But after that Lee made a huge mistake in allowing him to come to Crawford. Ben contributed nothing of value to that mission and we all know what he did while there. IMO, he should have been left behind to "guard" Clem and Omid, or at least act as a warning system since he'd probably have run and hid at the first sign of trouble.

    At any rate, Lee knew full well what Ben was incapable of back during episode 3, but we weren't given the option to act on that knowledge. That's not a knock on TTG, but it did seal his fate.

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