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Did you apply your real life choices and emotions to the game?

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I'm happy to say that it did, though, I'm not entirely sure if in real life I were bitten and then decided to chop off of my own arm. The only doubtful decision I did on the game as far as I can remember.

Although, in an extreme desperate situation I'd probably take the risk and saw off of the arm, possibly.

More likely would be to keep it and then ask for Clementine to put me to rest.

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  • @HiggsBoson2142 said: I really wanted to be the hero and be the best guy ever, but I knew that just wasn't me. I decided to say what I would say. I'd be weary, unsure, and scared. I'd try to help people, but a lot of the time it would just backfire on me.

    Haha, me too! I picked all the choices that I would've done by putting myself in Lee's shoes.
    Although, they catch all the small details. (Like when I lied once to the St. John brother's on who's in charge and they would always catch me XD)

  • I did... and asked myself afterwards: did you just fucking do that? (belltower/meatlocker)
    i mean it's for the best of everyone to drop him, but on the other hand he's a human, we fuck up sometimes... or the scene in the meat locker, i didn't even TRY to help... i just thought it's for the best... we didn't take our chances, we made sure we survived.

  • I acted as I felt I should but not necessarily how I would

    Definitely how I would I like to but if it were real life I'd probably be too scared and take the easy ways even if they are not the best ways

  • i was playing as my brain in Lee's body and his history

  • I was just myself and generally tried to be a good guy, although certainly emotions caused me to make a few unethical choices if i deemed them a threat or responsible for anything that happened to my BFF list. (I left lilly and killed Ben over Carley and shot Jolene without hesitation for her Clem obsession).

    In hindsight helping Kenny stop Larry from turning may also have been a mistake, but i thought it was right at the time.

  • Indeed.

    The only thing that's not me is choppin' the hand off, i was just curious what would happen.

  • @Mornai said:
    On a side note...rarely when i vote on a poll, i randomly get sent to a different thread. I just voted on this and then got redirected to an activation thread in the support forum(i think). Is this happening to anyone else?

    Happens to me just about every time I vote in a poll. No clue as to why.

  • I played like if it was me, I tried to save and please everyone and took moral decisions, and even though it's just a game, I told Ben not to chopp my arm off.

  • I did, from start to finish. The arm choice was actually one of the easier ones for me, since Lee had already passed out once, I already knew it was too late. If the choice to amputate came up before he was symptomatic and passing out (like, before leaving to go to Vernon's place in the sewers), it would've been a more difficult choice.

  • I did...the one time I did not was in episode 2, I killed the first st john and let the other brother live. If being honest with myself, I would have killed him as well...but seeing Clem catch me in the game after the pitch fork scene made me change course.

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