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Issues with Walking Dead disc glitches

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Just bought the Walking Dead on disc. This game glitches so much that I cannot play it. I need a work around or I need a refund.

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  • I should have looked this game up first before purchasing it but I love THE WALKING DEAD. If I would have known this game would be lagging/glitching, I would have never bought it. What am I suppose to do with this game? I can't return it if I purchased it tried playing it for an hour then tried to return it only to get 11 bucks back or return it for the same game. It's a lose lose situation. If anyone is reading this please do not purchase this game. I will make sure to let everyone know not to purchase this "wonderful" glitchy game.

    Why release an untested game?

    Telltalegames has tainted their reputation!

  • I don't even know where to start - I'm the kind of person that has always been able to do some level of troubleshooting over the last 40 years of gaming. I am more disappointed that it was even POSSIBLE, that these retail disks where released. This may have been the worst console release in history going back to pong and atari.

    I think most people are more crazy over the fact that your response to these issues is very lacking and we can all only take so much. Especially with a Christmas release that people get so excited about.

    This is not a total issue with a certain version of xbox, I spent the day trying different things on 4 different machines. It's obvious it would be in your best interest to biting the bullet and just admit you screwed up and stop the bleeding your reputation is taking right now.

    I would suggest for starters that you offer a online digital download code possibly with the entering of a serial number from the disk. as in this case - the disk is worthless to most people that are having these problems.

    Also, a letter to your retailers to immediately offer refunds due to a defective or not fully tested product. I would also offer a 20% discount on a future Telltale game, if nothing else to cover shipping of those that pre-ordered.

    By the way, it would be a plus if you had even a temp to answer the phones at your office, especially when something like this happens.

    UP YOUR GAME - and you can take that anyway you like at this particular point -

  • The framerate on this game is terrible. It constantly has moments of freezing as if it's having tiny digital seizures.
    Honestly, it was annoying, but I was ok with it. That is until my game reset to the begining. Now I'm not cutting it any slack.
    Also, I saw a false claim that this only happens on 4 gig systems. Bull$h*+. Mine's a 250.

  • Also bought the disc for XBOX 360 for my teenagers. It is an unplayable and frustrating experience. Been lurking on forum for a few weeks to give them a chance to patch the problem. So far, extremely disappointed in TellTale's lack of a meaningful response and overall marginalizing of the problem! Returning disc to Amazon for refund (Thank-you Amazon!) Note: Those that have purchased the game through Amazon only have 30 days from date of purchase to return. Left a pretty frank review there as well to warn others, noted others have done the same. As to reporting to Better Business Bureau, I don't think they care. TellTale is not BBB accredited. They've been around since 2004, and haven't bothered to seek accreditation. They currently have an 'F' rating with open complaints dating back to Feb 2011 that they have yet to respond to. Certainly leaving a complaint there is not a bad idea. May discourage future/current investors, but I don't know how often the average consumer researches video game companies before making a purchase. For that reason, I don't think they really care about the BBB rating. I, for one, do not plan to be a return customer. Good luck to those of you who choose or are forced to hang around with the hopes they will fix their product. I hope it works out. At the end of the day, this is a business concerned about their bottom line. Applying pressure through the investors that help fund their business (look at their corp info link) or through Microsoft who granted them "offical developer" status may stimulate some momentum. Mentioning their current BBB rating couldn't hurt. Right now, I'm thankful that I can still vote with my wallet.

  • I too have this issue. I returned one disc to exchange with another, then brought the new one home only to have the exact same thing happen. So hard to play the game when it freezes and shutters like it does! TellTaleGames are you listening to whats going on with your game? Something should be done about this!

  • Same issue for me with the hitching so bad I can barely play. Been trying to kill single zombie at Motel for 30 minutes...ugh.:mad:

  • This sucks, nothing we can do I'm sure

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    DjNDB Moderator

    There's an official statement now for users with stuttering issues playing from the disc.

  • Wow, that was unexpected... glad TTG responded to this packaged disc issue!

    Now if only they'd respond to the corrupted saves problem... but I digress.

    Do you need an Xbox Live Gold account to redeem codes for digital downloads? Or are regular Live accounts sufficient?

    The TTG form also fails to ask gamers to specify their locale/geography. XboxLive is pretty fragmented (especially in the EU) - how are they going to give codes that work for gamers' accounts if TTG doesn't ask for confirmation on the geography? A single Xbox can be used within numerous geographies that are covered by separate Xbox Live regions. (a Eurogamer report said the game was available in Europe... not really sure if it ever made its way out there)

    Also, it's a pretty wide industry statistic that only about half of current-gen consoles are networked (used online with any degree of frequency). Should be interesting to see if this fix works for the customers who sought out the packaged disc version due to their home network options.

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