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[URGENT] Pathetic D*****bag Move By One Of Our Forum Members!

posted by Frostixa on - last edited - Viewed by 194 users

Remember the video I created a couple days ago?

Well forum member Dubesor86 completely ripped off my idea and uploaded his own version here:

Now I don't have a problem with his release as it is a different viewpoint on my video, if not an improvement in a way. Plus it's all his own footage etc.

My issue is that he took the idea, added his own twist and is running away with it on his YouTube. It is not fair for the guy to get 600 views and act as if it is his own idea. He refuses to video response my video or give any credit of the sort.

PS: I even have to face his subscribers coming to MY video and saying I ripped him off etc.... like mine came out first tell your subscribers to stop harassing me:mad:

Apologies, I know this is the wrong way to go about things, but I thought you all need to know this guy is a jerk.

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