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Should Kenny be in Season 2?

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Please for the love of all good on earth bring Ken back he was my bro =(

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  • I've said it before, and I'm probably wrong, but I think Kenny isn't dead.
    I'd like a small cameo in season 2, but I think his part has been played and I'd like to see different characters in season 2.

  • Yes for a reason. He should be the equivalent of the girl from ep1, asking for a gun to off himself, because he is bitten.

  • Yes, as a cameo or a very "background" character, and no, because the scene for people who dropped Ben would have no real purpose.

  • I'm afraid Kenny won't come back for season 2. Lily will be the one to come back.

  • No, because then his death scene is pointless. It's a betrayal of player trust.

    No, because it's implausible that a man with one bullet survived being surrounded by walkers on BOTH SIDES and I didn't see any convenient manholes nor hear them opening, I heard faint sounds of pain and LOTS of walker growls.

    No, because the people who mattered to him are all dead except for Clementine who only indirectly mattered, and I don't want to play a person that miserably broken and unhappy in an already incredibly depressing universe as opposed to, say, Omid or Christa or Clementine herself. I'm happy to NOT watch him continue to suffer, thanks.

    No, because it cheapens his act of bravery and compassion.

    No, because it's a slap in the face to everyone who tried to save Ben to let him do something meaningful.

    No one who died should come back.

  • I would overjoyed to see people back since their deaths depressed me so, but here's the issue. Lee is dead. Your not him anymore. The whole reason they were good characters was your (lee's) relationship with them. For better or worse you would have lost everything you had been through with Kenny.

    Carley is another popular suggestion and telltale could turn around and say "it hit her in the cheek then a passing doctor saved her life" if they feel like it, but the bond you had wouldn't be the same.

    You can bring the characters back but the relationships can't be revived.

    That said. A little cameo or Easter egg hint they might be OK would make my week.

    Edit: or a flashback/nightmare sequence if you play as Clem could work as well

  • Yes. Even if he died, that doesn't mean he can't come back as a walker.

  • If season 2 is set directly after 1, it would be pretty awesome for the main character to find him, bitten. The main character, if they're a new character and hasn't met anyone from series 1, should get the choice to put him out of his misery or leave him. It'd be like the Ben situation. He'd ask you to kill him, but it's up to you to do it.

  • Of course..But if he's gonna be a zombie,I'll throw my TV out of the window,I swear -.-

  • Telltale would lose a LOT of crediblility if they decide to have him return alive, as his character arc is complete. The whole point of his sacrifice was that he wanted to die.

    Now if they brought him back as one of the herd, that would be fantastic.

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