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Different kind of save error

posted by invadernny on - last edited - Viewed by 231 users

I did a search and google and couldn't find a problem similar to mine. I had played walking dead up to episode 3 a few months ago. Me and my girlfriend decided we both wanted to play it so I deleted my save game and started over so we could play together. Last night we played through episode 1 completely. Tonight we tried to play episode 2, but it keep loading my episode 3 game from several months ago. How can this game load a 3 month old save game that I deleted?

Edit: Here are various things I've tried:

- the prop.perf fix from older episodes
- deleting all the backup save games so the game would only load the saves from last night (the steam cloud put them right back)
- renaming save games based on what I thought the game was trying to do, to trick it into loading the right one.
- copying the same game to slots 2 and 3

none of this has made any difference.

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