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Why do I still love King's Quest?

posted by Anakin Skywalker on - last edited - Viewed by 260 users

As I've said here and elsewhere many times, I've been addicted to and in love with King's Quest since I was just 5 years old--in 1995. I've never given up on the series despite tons of setbacks, and I still love the realm of Daventry and it's Royal Family. I recognize there are many "superior" fantasy worlds out there, both in video games and in print, but none have ever captured my imagination the way the World of King's Quest did and still does.

For whatever reason, I also have retained a big emotional investment in the series, as strong as it was when I first fell in love with the series--In that I passionately just want to have it done right, to either see it begin again, or at least see a truly fulfilling end to it. We never did truly get an "end", or even a fulfilling continuation on par with KQ5 and KQ6--and I believe such a continuation is possible. I threw in my lots with TT and defended it strongly because I saw it as the only viable possibility for KQ to live again...And I was wrong in doing so. They were indeed the wrong company to go to.

I now only really trust the various fan groups--but they appear to be interested more in their own original work, which is understandable. I don't think, though, that I'll ever give up on King's Quest, and I don't even know why. The world it depicts, the characters, their adventures and struggles, the lands of the game, the art, the music, still enrapture me. Even my girlfriend, who HATES all things fantasy, was enthralled by the art and music of King's Quest V. I played her the Desert Oasis music and other songs from KQ5 and KQ6 and she thought much of it was incredibly beautiful. And that special combination of atmosphere, beauty, magic has never been truly recaptured in any other game series or fantasy book I've tried...And I have tried..

KQ captured me so, so long ago, when I was young of heart and mind, and I suppose I simply can't let go...

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  • I hear you!! I will also always love King's Quest. I believe we WILL see a new KQ that will capture the spirit of those classic games and will be done the right way. Many people out there also love the classics as much as we do. If this Telltale thing falls through, I believe that a better and more suitable team will emerge to bring back the series. There are just too many reenergized adventure game fans, especially recently, for it not to happen. Things do not look as bleak in this regard as they did 4 or 5 years ago.

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