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Proof Lee is reanimated in Season 2...

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Okay, i played the game on PC and i cried a a lot. Anyways, i think i know what happens to lee. I was browsing stuff people posted on a (i think unofficial) Robert Kirkman Facebook page and noticed this picture: Wa7Ic.png that this guy put on Robert's (i think it's unofficial) page EDIT: Apparently this photo was on reddit a while back. I was thinking this could just be an Easter egg or coincidence or something more... I think Robert Kirkman meant to show that image with that particular zombie in the image... consider the zombie on the right most side has the same facial structure, the same clothes, ect. there is strong evidence to back the theory that Lee is a zombie in Season 2. So in the last gamespot interviews of Playing Dead, Shawn, one of the writers for the game said this when asked about "Lee?" (The question the interviewer asked the 3 about...) in season 2: "Lee's corporeal form didn't denigration" Jake (director of some parts of episode 5 and one of the designers of the game) followed by saying this: "So it will exist somewhere in the world.". All this can be found here on this youtube video So... What does this mean? It's simple... Lee is reanimated in Season 2! I think (even though this is just 2 pieces of evidences) that this proves Lee is reanimated in season 2. What do you guys think of this?

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  • That walker is just a black man. His similarity with Lee is a pure randomness.

  • Jus cuz he black.
    I kid, I kid. :3

  • The walker just misses the white shirt. Otherwise it looks just like Lee, as a "real-life" character.
    (Not saying that the walker itself is Lee from the video game, but it looks just like him)

  • @ajtpak said: Still the second part with the interview confirms that Lee is going to be reanimated in Season 2. Now as to whether the picture was a subtle hint from Robert might recur as a question.

    That was not a direct confirmation. A lot of the time Telltale jokes about things like these(they said Chet would be the protagonist of season 2 as a joke before) and it seems obvious this was said with some intent at humor.

    That isn't to say Lee won't be a walker in season 2, but that reference is certainly not a concrete confirmation.

  • Its possible clem just grazed lee's head or missed completely so he comes back no matter what clem chose to do. It would be an interesting twist

  • @VirtR said: Its possible clem just grazed lee's head or missed completely so he comes back no matter what clem chose to do. It would be an interesting twist

    Carley? Oh boy, not only would it make even more of my choices pointless but would also ruin the ending of season one! That'd be sooo cool.

  • Well, my question is, "how did a reanimated Lee take off his blue shirt, then pull off his t-shirt and then button his blue shirt back on? I like the homage- but if it was supposed to be 100% then why not have the walker wearing the white t-shirt?

  • there seems to be a wound on his chest/neckarea. maybe the shirt got ripped/pulled off when zombie-lee attacked a survivor. naw this is getting too far xD Either way I think that zombie looks sooo much like him that I would be suprised if it was just a huge coincidence.
    It could have been if it was just the face, but the same style and color of shirt really makes me think it is a reference to Lee Everett.

  • Man i will be really disappointed if lee comes back as a walker in season 2....
    just doesnt seem right somehow.

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