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Fate of walkie-talkie

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There is two location of walkie-talkie in the end of season one. First location: In "Marsh house", if we put everything on table, or if we put only walkie-talkie and keep knife by ourself (my variant). Second location: Walkie-talkie are in shop when Lee died, If we told stranger "I have nothing" and keep walkie-talkie by ourself. When Lee fight with stranger, if you push "Q" too fast, Lee strangling him to death and we got a choise, shoot stranger, or not, you would ask: "Why have you telling this everything?" I think that this walkie-talkie will be in second season, someone, maybe Clem, or new playable character will going to Savannah, and finding radio. If walkie-talkie are with Lee, we would must killing walker Lee (if Clem didn't shoot him) or not killing if Lee in handcuffs. If walkie-talkie was left in "Marsh house", we will get it in there, and killing walker stranger, if Lee or Clementine didn't shoot him.

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