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Let's Play....Escape From (Hell) Delirium

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Why am I doing this too? I don't have a clue. Goodbye.

Oh wait, I remember. I was playing this game for the first time today, and I have never in my life seen such a poor, lazy excuse for an adventure game. Flight of the Amazon Ass is good, Simon the Saucer of Pee-D is BAD, but this game is UGLY. It didn't end there, though, because as the game progressed, I began to realize it's not just a game anymore.

It's a terrifying, disgusting, vile trip through HELL, and MUST BE DESTROYED!

Or I'll just Let's Play it so you can feel my pain and torment for yourself.

NQk.jpgLet's Play....Escape From Delirium...YOU GODDAMN SONS OF BITCHES



Er...sorry.....sorry. Inhale. Exhale. Now let's examine the title screen first. It's a sunset. With birds flying around. The title is on a flag....and what kind of a flag? It kind of looks like a pirate scroll/flag doesn't it. This game has nothing to do with pirates or scrolls. Just keep this in mind.

So let's see how long it takes this game to be odd.


What is the what? Press Start.

Wha- 0 Seconds to be completely wrong.


(Just in case anyone wonders....I'M NOT DOING THE ZOOMING. THE GAME IS. The game keeps SLOOOOOOOWWWWWLY zooming in on it's pixel blobs!)

I might actually have to do a zoom count, just so I don't keep having to show every single LONG zoom.

All right, so let's move o-


This looks really eerily familiar doesn't it. I wonder why. Anyway, this guy's rope snaps and he falls down into the hole.


By the end of this you'll wish he had died a painful, slow death. Trust me.


Man..I'm getting a sense of deja v- wait...


(Sure, I reused the layout for a campfire from MI2 in MY game...BUT I DIDN'T STEAL AND RECOLOR GUYBRUSH'S BLOODY SPRITE.)

To be continued....after I get a BIG guys haven't seen anything yet.

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    Another adventure game built off of stolen ideas and assets? Oh boy!

    I say 'another' because I've recently watched a full playthrough of Limbo of the Lost, which is a game that is nothing short of an abomination. You could probably make a drinking game out of spotting stolen assets in it, but it'd likely result in a swift death.

    Limbo of the Lost also has a thing about randomly zooming in on things during cinematic sequences. Perhaps they're related?

  • What the hell is this thing? Is it a commercial game, or a freeware title?

    Also: More Let's Plays! Yays! Now I don't have to feel so bad that I'm a tad too busy to do mine for a couple days.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @Darth Marsden said:

    Also: More Let's Plays! Yays! Now I don't have to feel so bad that I'm a tad too busy to do mine for a couple days.

    Yup. The age of the video is officially over. Let's go back to the comicized screenshot video game experience!! :rolleyes:

    But, no, I won't play my personal gaming nightmare again. EVER. A version that still works is probably hard to come by anyway. :cool:

  • This might be the only game the developer ever made. According to a friend of mine in the UK, back in the day this was one of those games that had a shareware version that made it look great, only for it to be.....THIS.....when you spent money on it. It was commercial all right, though. I'd always seen it around, but I'd never played it. It's telling I've had to play it twice to understand a bit of the plot.


    The first joke of the game. Our hero, still unnamed, can't remember anything after his fall, except a dream where he was told this. How useful.


    So much for amnesia. It's cliche anyway. He calls back up and receives no answer. I hope LeChuck doesn't come calling. That part always scares me.




    You can't use the sign at all, so I collect a pulley on the ground. Mr. Guy has the rope already. There's nothing else to do in this UGLY room, so I continue on. I also connect the rope to the pulley because that's obvious.


    The next room has a pixel hunt. I had to look at a walkthrough to know this was here. It's a hook. I combine it with the rope and pulley and use it on the brick wall. It's not a full animation. The screen cuts out in between actions.


    Things take a sinister turn, as I find a body. According to somewhere else I had to read, because the game doesn't make this clear....the corpse in the newspaper is this guy, and I came down here to investigate his death. Because this guy really looks like an corpse. Yes, how easily I was supposed to recognize this.

    I do the only two things of any consequence...I check the body and look at the security monitor for the museum above.



    Someone appears out of a brick wall in the museum.




    DUH DURR DUH. No worries for our hero, our bad guy seems to be the equivalent of badly drawn Rihanna, Nala, or Jesus.


    What? What?


    Oh, his name is PAUL.

    HEY, PAUL.

    To be continued....

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