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how old are you?

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I'm curious to know how old everyone here was when you started playing adventure games. (And, how old are you now?) I have a hunch that many of the people who post here started with LucasArts games, but I'm curious to find out if that's really true.

Me, I started at around age 10 (I'm now 28). The first game I played was Leisure Suit Larry 1. :)) After that I moved on to King's Quest games. I never even heard of LucasArts until years later (2001 or so) when I started posting on forums. Not sure how I missed those games, because I used to go into software stores all the time to buy Sierra games, but it could be that I was so focused on Sierra that I never looked at what else was on the shelf. [:">]

How about you?

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  • I first encountered what must have been "Adventure" when I was 11 in 1983. It was running on some mainframe type thing in the Rangers HQ in Banff National park in Alberta, CA. My Uncle was a park ranger there at the time.

    Then I played Zork on IBM AT's or XTs or whatever they were (no hard drives, no mouses) in our computer studies class at High School in 1985.

    Got a Commodore Plus/4 later in 1985 and bought Zork I, II, III for it. That was where my love of the genre originated. I used to get the infocom magazine and would marvel at all the great games that weren't being released for my stupid 8-bit machine.

    I had those awful Scott Adams adventures (Pirate Adventure, Hulk, Spiderman etc) and for the live of me can't understand why those games are considered classics. They're all awful.

    My cousins had an XT or something and had King's Quest & Leisure Suit Larry (which was pretty exciting for a 12 year old boy!), though I, uhh, never got very far.

    Then my friend got an Amiga in, I dunno, 1990 (?) and had Monkey Island. It was absolutely mindblowing. Now that was where my love of point and click / "modern" adventuring comes from...

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    Yeah I remember we had where in the world is carmen san diego.. I dont think I played it too much because it was a) too involved or b) too girly c) i had no idea what i was doing ..but they definitely gave u plenty with that box

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    Hmm... Good question.

    Leisure Suit Larry is one of my earlier memories which was when I was 10 in 5th grade (I'm 24 now). It was the VGA release, That was in 1992. So that may have been it.

    I got my first PC (486 DX 33, 16megs of ram and a 120 meg HDD) around the same time, probably a little later and that thing was top of the line and then some back then.

    One of my gradeschool friends and I played every adventure game we could get our hands on that that point. Standing around the computer hopped up on skittles and mountain dew at 3am trying to figure out some puzzle or another taking turns at the keyboard.

    Frederik Pohl's Gateway stands out as being one that had us particularly stumped for a while. (Random factoid one of my co-workers worked on Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, developed by Legend 5 years later).

    Most of the stuff after was more Sierra stuff. GK still goes down as one of my all time favorite series

    I actually didn't get into LucasArts games until around my 16th Birthday. One of my friends gave me a copy of COMI and it was all downhill from there.

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    I was probably 8 or 9, we played Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis 7 hours straight at a cousin's house. Good times.

    That was around twelve years ago.

  • [quote]Leisure Suit Larry is one of my earlier memories which was when I was 10 in 5th grade (I'm 24 now). It was the VGA release, That was in 1992. So that may have been it. [/quote]

    Ahh... we're kindred spirits, then. :)) (Except for me it was the original AGI version.)

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    well if we include text based adventure then i started when i was 9 or 10 or so on the c64 with infocom games, and then got into the lucasarts games when i got my amiga 500 in the late 80s

    I'm 31 now and still psyched about sam and max coming back and enjoyed both bone games.. i guess i'll never grow up

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    I started at 12
    Most intresting adventure for me - LBA2;)
    I remember how i enjoy playing:)))

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    I had a rather late start in the adventure gaming sector. In 1996, I picked up a copy of Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers from the bargain bin of my local retailer. I became hooked on it. I had to have the other games in the Space Quest series, and eventually, the other Sierra adventure game series', such as King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry.

    Later, I learned of LucasArts, and their adventure games. Full Throttle was my first LucasArts adventure game, followed by Escape from Monkey Island.

    Recently, I've been tracking down a few classics for my collection. A few months ago, I purchased Grim Fandango and The Curse of Monkey Island through LucasArts' online store. I won't get into the ordeal that I had with them, but needless to say, I eventually received my copies.

    Now, if you've seen my adventure game list in that other thread, you'll know that I don't own Sam & Max Hit the Road. Please, don't poke me with those pitchforks! I'm still looking for a good deal on Sam & Max Hit the Road, among other games, such as Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I was 13 when I picked up my first adventure game, and I'm now 23.

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    Ahh... we're kindred spirits, then. :)) (Except for me it was the original AGI version.)[/quote]

    Ha. It was *almost* The Black Caldron but the one friend of mine that had it would never let me play it, So I'd just watch him go through a few scenes then i'd get bored and go play Combat on the 2600.

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    Oh I almost forgot :eek:
    Before I played Monkey Island on the Amiga, I played Larry 1 (AGI version) on my fathers laptop that he used at work (he brought it home sometimes).
    I never got far though and I didn't realize that this game was part of a genre or anything like that, but I really liked it though... when it would let me play it (I didn't know how to skip those questions hehe).

    That makes three of us then :D

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