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You in TWD

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Sometimes i like to think of comics as alternate realities like Dc/Marvel has the mutli-verse. The Walking Dead is no exception i like to think that since its an alternate universe that i exist somewhere. I just wonder where.

But where do you think you would be? Would you be in a group surviving or will you walk among the dead?

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  • It's a good thing i live just 500 metters from an army base and i have a XVIII century sword and my father's combat knife. I guess I woud be living inside a tank, so yeah, i would last a few months at least.

  • Assuming news doesn't come to me via zombie attack, I would most likely get the gun I keep in my house, then go to my ROTC program's building with my fellow cadets. There's supplies there and other people.

  • I live in New York. I would probably hide out in my apt as i have one entrance, and i have a lockable gate in front of my fire escape window. I'd wait it out for a bit and then use the fire escape as my point of exit and entry while looking for supplys...If i wasn't home or near home though, totally screwed

  • I work in a laboratory near a hospital in a more or less big city (near hospital + big city -> worst place for an oubreak) but I live in the countryside with a lot of mountains (probably good location)

    I can't see a way how I could survive during my working time without tons of luck.

    During holidays or outside work there would be a chance of surviving. Well I know a lot of guys with hunting rifles, I know houses on the near mountains and in the forests but yeah... I think in an outbreak I would finally starve because I would be much to frightened for a meele combat and just shooting isn't possible all the time (and it can make things even worse)

    EDIT: So only real survival chance would be to become randomly part of a bigger group in which I would be able to overtake the medical part or some stuff like that. Otherwise I don't see a lot of chance for a longer time.

  • @JordyLicht said: It's a good thing zombies do not and will never exist.

    Yes they will soon....
    the government created AIDS soon the zombie virus.

  • @KingOfTheDead said: Yes they will soon....
    the government created AIDS soon the zombie virus.

    I really hope you're joking.

  • I'd be Ben. My town is small and out of the way, and I have easy access to a few firearms and a few big ass blades that we keep in our house, but personality-wise I'd be just like Ben. Hopefully a bit less stupid, but I'd always be afraid and unsure of myself when it hit the fan.

    Unless its fast zombies. I'd fare about as well as Doug would if I got attacked by a fast zombie.

  • @anonymau5 said: I really hope you're joking.

    I'm not i'm more serious then larry's heart attack

  • @KingOfTheDead said: Yes they will soon....
    the government created AIDS soon the zombie virus.

    Yeah, and I'm the Easter Bunny.

  • I think I would be a survivor. Im from Wyoming, where the only thing to do when your bored is shoot guns in the hills or go hunting/fishing/camping.

    I own as of now, a .40 XD S&W, a Mossberg 500 12ga 18inch tactical shotgun, a Tactical SKS with bayonet, Remington SPS 700 .223 with 24 powered dual plane scope, Sig Suaer .22 pistol, 2 rugar semi-auto .22 rifles, Old Russian mosin nagant, and looking to buy another pistol in the 9mm. All of which have between 100-500 rounds.

    I could last a while living in the mountains with my hunting/fishing/camping experience, plus a low population living in the northern part of the state, along with natural traps and cliffs for any walker who stumbles up the mountain...

    I like to think i would last, but when it comes down to it, who really knows right?

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