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What kind of character could top Lee?

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I dunno if this is the right place to ask about it, considering I'm brand new here, but has anyone written fanfiction for season 2 yet? I figure someone has to, here of all places at the very least. I'm thinking about doing one myself, to see if I can't answer the question everyone wants answered: What kind of character could top Lee?

I've already got a few ideas myself, and after looking around the threads a bit, it seems there are some fairly smart people thinking the same thing as me. But I'd like to actually know what people think would be able to beat Lee's character, and I'd especially like to read some fanfictions if there are any.

I, personally, think that the new main protagonist should be a young man. Young like Molly, maybe even a bit younger. That way we can establish an older brother-like character to be Clementine's new protector that people can be comfortable with and that won't replace Lee as a father figure (which is the worst possible idea).
I'm going to write a character like that, except instead of trying to emulate an instant attachment to Clem like Lee did, I want to try and write Lee's polar opposite. Colder and more withdrawn, effected by the world on a deeply emotional level (and maybe a slightly psychotic one, too :P). That way Clementine's role as a morality pet will shine even brighter and have more influence to her as a character and to her bond with the new protagonist, making the new protagonist easily more likable as he slowly grows more attached to Clem, gradually shifting his personality in the process thanks to her.
That's the kind of approach Telltale needs to take with a new protagonist. A much more different way to warm up to someone new after that devastating loss at the end of the last season. At least, that's what I'd like to see.

TL;DR, Telltale should make a bad-ass big brother protagonist for season 2. And NOT kill him. Avoiding repetition as much as possible is best.

Also, I'm not one to shamelessly plug myself, but like I said, whether Telltale already has a plan or not, I'm gonna write me a fanfic for season 2. Not that I'm asking if anyone is interested, but if anyone is...

And I shall leave it at that. :)

Anyways, tell me your thoughts!

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