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Ingredients Necessary to Make a Kickass King's Quest?

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What would you say are the right "ingredients" or rules necessary to make a great KQ game? The ground rules, the borders that should govern KQ games?

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  • - sudden, unexpected death by wizard
    - ability to dead end yourself by missing not-so-obvious items
    - pixel hunting
    - various talking animals with annoying voices who sing cheesy songs
    - a useless talking owl companion

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    sounds like your not a fan of KQ Cryin8472. Maybe try a different game?

  • It was a joke. -.-

    It was supposed to be funny.

    Stupid troll.

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    Steps to telling a joke:

    1. say something funny
    2. sit back and enjoy the laughs

    You missed step 1.

  • @exo said: Steps to telling a joke:

    1. say something funny
    2. sit back and enjoy the laughs

    You missed step 1.

    FWIW, I thought it was a clever comment. I think we are all KQ fans here, and he/she was just harmlessly poking a little fun at the series.

  • Eh. I'm not telling anybody unless someone pays me a lot of money to show them.


  • @MusicallyInspired said: Off the top of my head.

    [*]Large game world (you're exploring an entire new land in each game)
    [*]Everything examinable and interact-able (even if unimportant to the plot or puzzles)
    [*]Deaths (without retries. Or at least have the option to choose which before starting a new game)
    [*]Fairy tale references (I could honestly live without this one. KQ evolved into more than fairy tale and nursery rhyme references)
    [*]Complex puzzles (do this to do this to do this to do this to complete the puzzle to move on)
    [*]Alternate solutions for many of the puzzles (in earlier games these costed you full points, in later games they created alternate endings)
    [*]Evidence and provision of enough clues to allow the player to piece together what they're supposed to do all on their own to accomplish a task or solve a puzzle, without outright telling them how and it just being a matter of logistics.

    I would totally agree with this, but also that, if you want to make a fan pleasing KQ game, the protagonist must be either of The Royal Family or an extended member (such as Cassima or Edgar). Descendants are acceptable as well. Actually the idea of Graham and Valanice's descendants is an interesting one.

  • I'm fine with 'Must be a citizen of the Kingdom of Daventry' in some capacity. Preferrable at least a 'Knight', but might become a king by the end or at least a great hero. This citizen must save Daventry.

    I'd personally be fine with an adventure starring Derek Karlavaegen, if it was done right...

    Or the adventures of the Gnome...

    There are a handful of secondary characters that might make for amusing adventure games, if they were the protaganists of their own game.

    There is always potential for Cassima, or Edgar to be playable characters in their own games.

    A game starring Crispin, with Cedric, might be entertaining.

    Or a prequel starring Graham's father, Hereward or Edward before he his kingdom fell apart.

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    screw it. I wanna be cedric. at least then i can make him die as often as i like.

  • Well there is the Owl's Quest, fan game... :P LOL.

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