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Most depressing masterpiece ever...

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This game was awesome, and I loved it. It followed the tradition of being depressing as fuck just like the comic. The ending was... freakin insane. I felt a part of my soul get stabbed every time they killed people Carley..Kenny..LEE. Well I guess it was a good ending, I just wish that you could have saved at least yourself. What did you all think of the ending and predictions for season 2?

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  • @thestalkinghead said: you don't actually see him die in either, but i will only believe he is dead or alive if i see it

    You think he could survive all those zombies with no weapon?

  • @montesinos7 said: You think he could survive all those zombies with no weapon?

    its potentially possible if he managed to push his way past the zombies in the alley without getting bitten he could run, and the building he ran into could have had places to run to and doors to close behind him, but I'm not saying that potential is proof he is alive

  • Did you know if you saved ben in ep 4.
    dont shoot the incoming zombies in ep 5

    when kenny gets given the gun it will have 2 bullets... he shoots himself and ben with it... you hear 1 gunshot cutting ben out of speech and kenny ( presumed ) saved himself the pain so if ur a pro kenny dont shoot the zombies in ep 5 and let kenny kill himself

  • Thanks for the tip, had no clue about that.

  • Playing episode 2 again. As Kenny kills Larry and Clem crys. I started getting worked up.

  • @montesinos7 said: You think he could survive all those zombies with no weapon?

    My problem with Kenny's death is that This is The Walking Dead, where it glorifies showing the deaths of loved ones to make you depressed and sad.

    The only reason they would not show some gruesome end is to leave it open for possibilities in the future.

  • Episode 3 was actually the height of my depression. I wasn't ready for it, and everything i'd been trying to hold together fell apart and of my two friends (Clem is family) Carley was dead and Kenny wished he was. It was clearly a dark game from the start but for 4 characters that had been there from day one to be gone so suddenly was more than i ever expected so that took me of guard and i was actually quite shaken.

    By the ending i knew what to expect and it was very much head down "got to get Clementine out", especially once Kenny died. I was actually felt bittersweet. It was hard for Clem, but i felt like i had done my job and she could make it without me now.

    The end credits and reflective song still got me though.

  • Argh they should have either made 1 game and killed off Lee, or made 2 and killed off Lee at the end of the second, not killed him off at the end of the first and made a second.

  • My most emotional episode, discounting of course the immense volume of tears at the ending of Episode Five (I think that's just a given), was actually during Episode Four. While Episode Three was definitely the saddest (even if I only cried a little), I found that Episode Four had the most weight behind everyone in the group, or at least what was left of that group. It was in large part due to just seeing how the next episode would be the last, and that it was almost over, but Episode Four just struck me as a long haul in which all the characters you've grown to care for, and all the new ones you've just met are suddenly shown for what they really are: The walking dead. Kirkman's famous line from Rick echoes throughout the entire cast and it really does seem that after all that has happened in Episode Three there is no more going back, these characters are exemplified by the words of Chuck, "you're either living or you're dead." The whole time I played Episode Four, and then onto Episode Five, I noticed that any of those happy "Did you lick the saltlick?" moments were almost gone or made irrelevant as the truth really set in. They did a remarkable job of making the series "lose it's innocence" so to speak, and making sure that the events of Episode Three were not just sad to be sad, but that they had a lasting effect on the narrative itself. I don't know, just playing Episode Four always makes me see the struggle to find humanity that The Walking Dead is known for in all of its forms.

  • @montesinos7 said: You think he could survive all those zombies with no weapon?

    He had the pistol, and could use it as a blunt weapon(which he does, and nearly instantly kills a walker with two hits), so yes i most certainly do.

    Clem's smile when she mentioned the stickers on her walkie in the opening chapters of episode 3 was the last time i was truly "happy" in the game...

    We lost so much in that episode. Death had grabbed us by the throat and we had no choice but to pick ourselves up and force our way forward. By episode 4 my hopes were dwindling, i didn't care for Vernon or his group much at all, and tried not to like Molly when she showed up. I didn't want to know and care for more people only to have their lives extinguished as well.

    Episode 5 of course was brilliant. By the end of the final scene i felt like a lifeless husk. I just sat in silence through the credits reflecting on how i watched my fellow survivors die and being powerless to save them. The dead will keep walking until we're all consumed.

    Good stuff, Telltale.

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