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Why does the 360 not get a season pass

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The PS3 gets one why not us they do it with halo gears of war and call of duty all you would have to do is charge $5 for episode 1 and make us pay $15 for 2-5? I hope we get one for season 2

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Telltale was always given the short stick when it came to getting support from Microsoft for their seasons (Microsoft always messed around with their release dates (especially for Wallace & Gromit), Telltale had to work around Microsoft's restrictions in episodic content, which is why the episodes other than episode 1 are DLC for the Walking Dead and it's the reason there's no season pass on Xbox 360).

    Now that Telltale is getting huge industry recognition with The Walking Dead, and other developers are releasing episodic content because of Telltale's success, hopefully Microsoft will let Telltale release the next season on Xbox 360 the same way they release it on PlayStation 3 and computers.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Still - the Season pass has suffered in popularity a bit this last Season. Especially PC players have experienced that with the TWD delays, they should have been asked before getting in for the whole ride.

    I guess that things will change a bit for Fables (and TWD Season 2 of course). We can assume that the possibilities will swerve a bit in the customers' direction, and that could well mean Season pass for Xboxers.

  • Xbox owners back in 2012's Christmas got an awesome The Walking Dead deal with each episode being priced at 200 MSP (4x200MSP) and the first being free of charge.

    I wouldn't have bought the Season Pass since it would have cost a lot more than what I paid for, I think.

  • if i only had an xbox 360 i would never have bought it because the idea of just buying an episode seems ridiculous to me, and i probably would have ignored people that said it was good just because buying an episode of a game seems as silly as buying an episode of a TV show to me

  • I like paying per episode - that way if something starts to suck, I can just opt-out. ;)

  • @Araron said: Cause PC is better. :P

    *extremely huge image snip*

  • Big image is big.

    It seems strange to me too. Back in the Sam and Max games I can see why they'd have issues with it as they didn't really have season passes, but now you've got LA Noire, Assassins Creed 3, Gears of War 3, Borderlands 2, that Middle Earth game, Darksiders 2, season passes are all over XBox games. Not sure why it would be an issue for TWD.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    @Araron said: Cause PC is better. :P

    We're not doing platformism here. That's for forums full of 14 year olds, certainly not befitting a forum for a 17+ game.

  • @Vainamoinen said: We're not doing platformism here. That's for forums full of 14 year olds, certainly not befitting a forum for a 17+ game.

    My apologies Vain. :) Did not mean anything bad,but won't repeat. ;)

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