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Copyright claim from IDG Germany on my let's play?

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Hello guys,

Im doing a let's play of this awesome game. View it here!

An employee of Telltame games said it was fine to do a let's play of The walking dead right here on the forums.
The problem is i got a copyright claim from IDG Germany on my vids.
Does that company actually do anything for Telltale Games?
IDG seems to send out random claims, just wanted to let you all know.

So if IDG is somehow connected to Telltale games and they are in their right let me know, i will act accordingly. If not, it may be wise for Telltale games to let youtube know about this.

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  • See guys. Told you it would work out. And see how being polite got something done? By keeping a level head. Contacting them directly and being polite about it the problem was solved a lot faster and it seems for all of you.

  • I've also been hit with claims from IDG Germany on two of my wife's Let's Play videos. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, so let me clear up how this works for everyone who's confused.

    YouTube has a program called "ContentID." It allows copyright holders to submit samples to YouTube. Every video that is uploaded to YouTube is run through ContentID to check for copyrighted material. If ContenID finds a "match" to a sample, YouTube gives you the "matched third party content" message on the video and gives you the chance to dispute the claim.

    I have received 10+ of these messages regarding my channel since January, and NEVER have I had a valid claim. I have disputed every single one (from people such as "Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society" mostly). The ContentID program is broken - completely. It "hits" on things for the wrong copyright holders and misses a metric crap-ton of infringing content. But, U.S. Copyright law says that ISPs and sites like YouTube have to take "Reasonable Steps" to prevent copyright infringement or they will be liable for the infringement. Google's a huge company, but the ContentID program is likely the best that can be done with current technology.

    So, I guess my main point is this: don't worry about the mistaken match. Dispute it, because it's wrong. (Now, if it's a copyright notice from TellTale games, then you can't dispute it.) I know YouTube tries to scare you with its notice about people who "abuse" the dispute process being kicked off of YouTube, but you're not "abusing" the system by disputing an invalid copyright claim.

    Just know that no one's trying to make you out to be an infringer or a criminal - YouTube has to keep the content providers off their backs somehow, and this method is how they've (poorly) chosen to do that.

  • Very interesting insights PhantomRyu. I never had any troubles with this ContentID program, so personally I was rather shocked when I saw this on my videos.

    If it's really that "simple" to just dispute the claim, I'll keep it in mind. On second thought, that's the most reasonable way to attend to these issues, as clearly, someone like IDG most probably doesn't own any rights on the contents of the videos at hand.

    Of course, if Telltale claims their rights, that's another story - but anyone should be intelligent enough to determine that ;)

    Sad how US copyright laws make things such a pain in the "bottecks" though...

  • Actually, it's good that U.S. Copyright law is worded the way it is - it protects ISPs and sites like YouTube from liability. As long as they take reasonable measures to remove copyrighted material, they can't be sued for a video that you or I uploaded. If U.S. Copyright law weren't written like that, YouTube couldn't possibly exist - the costs of litigation would drive them out of business.

    That being said, though, I've had no trouble disputing false copyright claims in the past - every single one of them has been retracted. As far as it being "easy" to dispute the claim, it is - as long as you're sure that you're right!

  • Well I am glad they are gone from my vids. I do not think the process that youtube uses is good at all.

  • Sorry this happened to you guys. For the record, that company is not connected with us in any way, and we don't know why they're filing claims against so many videos. We have nothing to do with it, and we actively encourage and enjoy Let's Play style videos.

  • I am fairly positive these copyright flags are not technically mismatches.

    As someone pointed out, IDG is the owner of German gaming magazine Gamestar. Gamestar uploaded a video review of The Walking Dead on Youtube: and has also started a Let's Play of the series. Phantom Ryu said that content owners can submit samples to Youtube, so I think it's a distinct possibility that IDG claimed those Walking Dead videos (with their commentary) as their intellectual property.

  • I just got this from a group called Digital Mind Entertainment and am in dispute.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Does this concern Telltale material?

  • The claim starts in the middle of the video, when the characters are having a conversation. So I'm assuming yes. Oh, if you mean by the game, yes, I'm Let's Playing "The Walking Dead".

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