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Which country is most likely to survive a ZA?

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Which country do you guys think is best suited for a ZA right now. This means a countrys geography, economy, military and even political system all coming into play? And by survive, I mean the actual government and/or many or even most of the citizens surviving.

I personally think Israel would tank the ZA. A large amount of the civilian population has had military training, they have a ready military and badas special forces all covering a fairly low population.

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  • Antarctica. Based on The Walking Dead comic books (Vol. 2- Miles Behind Us), zombies freeze faster than humans since they have an absence of blood flow. Also, low populations, good secure, minimal entrance bunkers. It's the perfect place to go. If not there than the United States, most notably Alaska. Same reasons, except instead of bunkers, you have an endless supply of fish.

  • The Philipines and any tropical climate area with dense rainforested areas. A dead body exposed to the open is bug meat and would be consumed to nothing but bones within 3 hours.

  • USA. The US has the best military technology, the army is big, and those who are not in the military usually have a gun or at least shot one before. I live in Wyoming, and I dont know a single person who doesnt own a gun. Granted city folk dont carry as often, but many still own some for home defense or conceal carry. All in All, The US has enough guns to kill the entire world twice over im sure.

  • Interesting topic. Let's take this continent by continent

    Asia is almost entirely wiped out, barring small pockets of resistance. Huge population density dooms China and India and everything surrounding them, even the harsh climate of Afghanistan would be simply swamped by an enormous walker herd who can only head in their direction. Everything is wiped out until the herd hits a bottlenose at Suez, at which point they're heading north (I'll come back to that)

    Simply doesn't stand a chance and would be like shooting fish in a barrel. The lack of transport, communication, food, education & weaponry condemn all the poorest nations and the more developed nations are simply overrun. Even Madagascar, in theory a haven, would be overrun with the rich people flocking there by boat from South Africa.

    South America
    All the big cities fall immediately due to poor infrastructure and essentially condemn the whole continent. Native cultures, while shielded from the general population, don't fare much better due to a harsh environment, shorter life-span and information vacuum but theirs is a slow death as the quick population turnover they're reliant on is damaged.

    North America
    Utter chaos and paranoia take over the US as the big cities fall immediately and the population heads in-land, only to be greeted by gun-wielding middle-America who aren't too pleased by their uninvited guests and the walker outbreaks they bring with them. Clashes would be inevitable and with civil unrest comes more death. In the South, civil unrest is also order of the day as Mexicans cross the border in droves, which also also doesn't go down too well with the locals. To the south, Costa Rica and Panama easily close their borders & are shielded by their environment, making them one of the safer places in the world, while Cuba and the West Indian islands are swamped by boats from Florida. Canada is invaded by Americans and only it's northern territories survive in the extreme cold. Greenland survives due to it's small population and isolation but is condemned to a slow death without the support from it's neighbours.

    Eastern Europe is wiped out by the herd heading north from Suez and the rest of Europe doesn't fare much better as Iberia is swamped from North Africa and central Europe is quickly overrun. France tries to surrender & Switzerland declare themselves neutral but the walkers don't take much notice. Sections of Scandinavia are protected by their winter but struggle to defend themselves when summer comes, this gives them time though to get organised and they manage better than most. The UK falls quickly and Ireland follows as the remaining Brits head west, only the Scottish islands survive, along with Iceland which becomes one of the the safest places in the world as it shuts all it's borders.

    Many of the more famous islands around Polynesia are taken over as the Chinese and Japanese arrive, this of course condemns them to collapse and a domino affect kills off many other islands in the process. Only faraway places like Fiji and New Zealand survive this influx, New Zealand in particular thrives as a self-sustaining environment with a small population that splits into 2 manageable sections. The cities of Australia are largely wiped out but the small isolated communities survive, surrounded by a harsh protective environment.

    Nature prevails as usual and it's only small isolated communities that are self-sustaining and able to survive. North America is too isolated from another surviving colony to be viable, as is Eastern Russia, Iceland is forever on it's own because Europe can never be rebuilt properly and Scandinavia is only ever safe part-time. Of all these small communities, it's only Oceania that offers any real hope of rebuilding. Australia, along with New Zealand & the many surrounding islands presents a manageable chance to recolonise and quarantine a section of the world.

  • @Sunricer said: Madagascar, they'd just close off their borders at the first signs of infection and the virus would be stuck or hit the restart button. ;)


    Seriously though, probably Japan if you assume that the very first zombies are those that rose from burial in the last century. Japan has a 99% cremation rate (according to Wikipedia). Though it's extremely high population density could mean that 10 zombies would immediately lead to a lot of people being bitten on short notice and a lot of dead people that has yet to be buried in hospitals could rise and bite people to death as well.

    Japan is also it's own island, so zombies from other continents (hopefully) won't just swim over.

    The guy above me seems to have a better idea though, and I like to idea of New Zealand having a good chance.

  • Antarctica, where humans and zombies alike would be hard to come by. In Robert Kirkman's version of the zombie apocalypse, the living are far more dangerous than the dead.

  • I'd say the Galapagos Islands, where human population is so small you could a grade scholar could count, and the habitat is survivable. The islands are also far from the Americas, so not many people would seek refuge there.

    Antarctica if you want to die.

    Greenland has low population but harsh climate and low supplies to survive on.

    I'd still choose the Galapagos.

  • I wonder if totalitarian and brutal regimes would fare better than democratic ones in a ZA. Leniant and kind governments might be prone to collapse as they refuse to write entire cities off and abandon them to the walkers and are unable to make hard choices. Their grip over the population and army might be weaker as well, leading to riots and bandits as soldiers leave to defend their families.

    Meanwhile authoritarian regimes tend to put a large emphasis on a large military and have a iron grip over their people. They can make the hard choices and would not shrink from abandoning their civilians or even using them as bait.

    Might be the only time, people would actually WANT to live in North Korea...

  • @Mark$man said:
    Antarctica if you want to die.

    Thanks a lot. :rolleyes:

  • @Matrox Yang said: Somewhere with lots of mountains but still some Greenland. A small population would be good too. Scotland maybe? But then zombies could get up from England and there are a lot of people there.

    In Scotland we're brave,we wouldn't go down without a fight,but you are right English zombies would screw us over by trying to take our land,well I say let us have at 'em I can take them on!

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