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Under the Half Dome: Orchestrated Versions by Ken Allen of His Sierra Game Music

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For those who don't know, Ken Allen, composer of many early Sierra games such as Colonel's Bequest, King's Quest I, King's Quest V, Space Quest IV, Space Quest I VGA, and also some games outside of Sierra like Descent has started a KickStarter project called Under the Half Dome for a music album based on, inspired by, and re-imagining his old works.

The project has already hit its goal in under 48 hours and there will be an announcement soon of some interesting stretch goals. Backer rewards include the album in physical and digital format, access to backer-exclusive blog of the production of the album, t-shirt, blow-up poster of the album artwork (made by ex-Sierra artist Rich Powell), and even big things like a MIDI keyboard controller (same one Ken is using to record the album), a chance for you the backer to perform on one of the tracks on the album, write some liner notes, as well as Ken composing a song specifically for you of your direction in the higher tiers. And more!

Fund him!

Kickstarter Project Page
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